How Can I Make My Kitchen More Cooking-Friendly

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If you are the kind of person who loves to cook, irrespective of how your kitchen looks, you can quickly whip up a dish. However, if you are not really a culinary enthusiast, you would need some motivation to cook even if you have an attractive kitchen. Having a cooking friendly kitchen makes your job easier and also makes cooking a hassle free task. Take a look at these simple ways that can make your kitchen experience more fruitful.

This is how you turn the chaos into a cooking-friendly kitchen.

Get rid of the stuff you won't need at cooking

At the end of the day, what makes your kitchen great is not about how much space you have but how well it is organized! Clear up all the mess to begin with. It would be difficult to cook if you have a lot of unwanted ingredients or a messy kitchen. Declutter your kitchen and organize the cooking area. Make use of the shelves to stock up all the containers, frying pans and other vessels.  In an open space, use airy rattan baskets to stash items and keep them from being uncluttered.

Clean and empty your counter

The kitchen counters have always been exposed to all the dust and spills. Irrespective of the material they are made, counters are bound to get dirty. How about emptying them and make them look shining? There is never a single one size fits all solution when it comes to cleaning the counter tops. Be aware of the material of the counter top before you set yourself to clean it.

Granite is one of the widely used materials for the counters. Never use acidic products like vinegar while cleaning the granite surface. All you would need is some warm water, some amount of soap and a sponge cloth to do the job.

Formica is an inexpensive and long lasting material for the counter top. As they come in different patterns, replacement also becomes easier. Clean the spills immediately to avoid the stain from setting in. Simply use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean them. Avoid abrasive cleaners such as bleach or ammonia to clean them.

Stainless steel is also a popular choice for the counters as they give a modern touch to the kitchen. However, they are very sensitive to the atmosphere and can get damaged permanently when exposed to chemicals. Clean the surface regularly with a baking soda and warm water.

Re-organize your shelves and cupboards

Is ‘Getting more organized’ on top of your resolutions for this year but still are you unable to do it? One easy way to start your resolution is from organizing the kitchen cabinet. It leaves a heap of satisfaction once you clean all the shelves and the cupboards.

Here are some easy tips that will help you to clear the mess in the cupboards:

1. Pretend that the cupboards and shelves have a glass door in it. Once you get the thought that everyone is going to look into the shelves, you would want to remove the mess and keep the shelves clean every day.

2. Remove all the stuff and clean the shelves with soapy water.

3. If you have a budget, also consider buying a spacious cupboard and shelf.

4. Keep the items that you use often within reach.

5. You can also choose to keep the everyday dishes in the lower shelf and special occasion ones above.

6. Finally, arrange items in the way that makes you happy!

Bring more natural or artificial light if needed

Most of the home owners spend a fortune on lighting. However, focus on lighting the kitchen takes a backseat. Lighting the kitchen should be given as much importance as much as the living room or the bedroom. Go for huge windows facing the kitchen that provides a lot of natural light. Alternatively, you can also go for the artificial lighting if your kitchen space is small. The CFL light consume less power and also makes the room look bright. Light up your kitchen and notice the difference.

Find a place for your recipes and books

Here is an interesting way to keep you motivated to cook. Keep your favorite cook book and other books in the kitchen. Every time you visit the kitchen, this book should catch your attention. Explore the recipes in the book and surprise your loved ones with some lip smacking recipes. Whether you place them at the cozy corner space of your kitchen or right on top of the shelves, cook books are definitely a great source of inspiration. Go for a retractable book stand that would help keep a recipe at eye level when you are cooking. It’s convenient and makes cooking a pleasure.

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Materials and tools must be reached easily

Modular kitchen has now made it easy for all of us to keep things within our reach. A kitchen that is universally designed makes it easy for all family members from kids to grandparents..  When designing your kitchen, remember to keep the mobility aspect in mind.  Place similar or related items in the same location so that it is easy to remember and can be reached easily.  You can also have separate decks for appliances storage.

Hang the aprons, dish towels and other materials that you would use on a peg. However mount them at least two meters away from the stove. Designate a cooking zone around the stove where you can store pans and pots as close to the zone as possible. File the plastic containers within the same drawer so that they are readily locatable. If you have some budget, install shelf organizers. They make frequently used materials easy to access.

Even if cooking is not your passion, these tips would make any kitchen work much more efficiently. In short, you can now spend less time in the kitchen preparing the meal, cooking and cleaning up the mess if you have an organized kitchen in place. Happy cooking!

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