10 traditional and modern doors for Indian homes

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The doors are the front face of the home. It is the first thing the people see when they visit your house and the last thing they bump into while exiting your home. An ordinary looking house of yours can become neighbours’ envy by the look of the door. At times the houses even earn its name from the doors they display; ‘house with engraved doors, house with glass doors, vibrant doors, etc… ’ So… don’t underestimate the importance of humble doors in your home or even in your neighbourhood. Taking into account the appearance of doors and its importance in our life and home, today we have brought for you a bouquet of door design for your home. Have a look!

​1. Elaborately intricate

The elaborate structure that frames the doors with carvings on it brings the traditional design of the doors common in temples and haveli to your door step. Wooden pillars on the side, floral patterns on the top and on the doors in wood looks rich and graceful.

​2. Toughened for contemporary touch

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Entry Door


Technology has toughened the glass enough to adorn your home as the doors. Leave it clear or paint to make it stylish, choice is yours. For some extra protection you can have a double door, of course the other door of wooden to create a sense of protection.

​3. Weaving on the wood

Weave pattern on the wooden door is something new and modern to give your home a contemporary feel. The simplicity in design is eye-catchy and solid wood is enough for confident protection.

​4. Curvy shape of the arch

The arches were popular in old forts and havelis; but its charm has not diminished a bit. Modern homes still love to boast the curves and have revived the charisma of the tradition in the doors of the home. Make it more traditional with intricate carvings on it or give it a modern twist by simple designs on the doors.

​5. Blessings from above

Ganesha is considered to be the protector and Indians usually have a statue or image of Ganesha on the doors. Why not engrave the Ganesha on the door and build a permanent home of God in your home. The detailing in carving is simple awesome and marvellous.

​6. Elegantly simple

Solid wooden door and simple design on it; there is nothing elaborate here, but it looks elegant.

​7. Modern with a hint of tradition

Solid wooden door, simple design but with just sufficient intricate carvings on it to make it look traditional with modern touch. It is a beautiful amalgamation of modern with traditional design.

​8. Merging with the surrounding

This beautiful door is so well camouflaged in its surrounding wooden wall that you don’t know when the wall ends and door opens to welcome you in. Florescent white graphical representation on the side adds a little bit of style in this contemporary door.

​9. Bohemian rhapsody

Let the inner child of you come alive on the doors of your home along with the memories of childhood spent in vibrant village home. Keep it simple in cut and design and convey the message with the colours splattered on the doors.

10. Different colours of rainbow

Like your family, let the doors show the colour of life, each colour representing the members of the family living there making a beautiful bouquet called family.

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