Beautify the Bathroom in Your Rental Apartment

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Be it a rental house or your own home, a bathroom forms a personal space that can shield you from prying eyes and press questions to have a little moment to yourself. A relaxing bath can allow you to freeze your worries momentarily and let the flowing water take over your thoughts. No matter where or how you live, you can choose to personalize this space to make it your little sanctuary.

Things get a little tricky with rental apartment decor because you can’t really renovate according to your tastes. Several times, rental apartments have strict policies on even driving nails to the walls. But you don’t really have to reinvent the wheel. If you have a basic functional bathroom, you can add little non-intrusive touches to make it a personal space.

Simple changes in lighting, detachable storage, a curtain here, a cover-up tile there and you will be set to having a great looking bathroom while keeping your landlord happy. Clever bathroom hacks are all you need, so here they are:

Create storage

Because the landlord did not really intend to use it, a rental bathroom generally lacks storage space. This actually gives you a wonderful opportunity to add a neat storage rack to your bathroom accessories. While open racks can be used to display a colorful range of towels and bathrobes, closed cabinets can be used for personal toiletries. You can also use caddies or soap dispensers that can be suction mounted without having to drill a hole.

Other options include having a wall mounted mirror cabinet that serves a dual purpose and stores your toothbrush, paste, soap dishes and other small items.

The best part is you can take it all with you when you move!

Basic cleaning

Give your bathroom a good scrub. You will have conquered half your quest with just this one step… albeit a hard one. Go for a little shopping to arm you with the right tools that can make life easy. Instead of getting on all fours to scrub the floor, use an extendable tub and tile scrubber which gives you added leverage for the tough to get places. To tackle stains and mildews use a small hand scrubber with tough bristles and an easy handle. Next, use a natural all-purpose bathroom cleaner to remove water, toothpaste and other soap stains in a single go. The next step is an important one so don’t skip it. Use a disinfectant to break through the grime and leave your bathroom with a fresh scent. This is a rental bathroom but it is yours for now so don’t lazy up on this one. 

If your bathroom comes with an attached toilet, give it a super good scrub with a toilet brush, cleaner and disinfectant too. And lastly, add a hand wash to ensure the cleanliness gets maintained for the week.

New shower curtain

The simplest and cheapest bathroom hack for a bathroom is a new curtain. Before your get shopping, fix a high rod near your ceiling so that your curtain can hang from the ceiling to floor covering the entire length. Make sure you measure the length right so that the curtain stays just an inch above the floor.

If you have a plain white bathroom, you can easily dramatize it with a multicolour curtain. Polyester curtains are often sold along with their liners. While curtains are often matched with the bathroom décor, the liners are made of vinyl or plastic and help protect the curtain and increase its life span.

Most curtains designed for the bathroom are water resistant and have an antimicrobial treatment to resist the formation of mildew. Some are hook-less and can directly be attached to the rod. Others offer to print your own image and text on it. How is that for personalization!

This shower curtain is a product of Berlin, Germany-based Juniqe

Modern toilet seat

Primarily installed for sanitary purposes, modern toilets can also work to add a personal touch to your bathroom décor. Among the least used bathroom hacks is changing the toilet seat to one that fits well and matches your décor is a great way to improve the space.

It is a completely refreshing experience once you actually get down to selecting a non-conventional toilet seat. Most people are unaware of the wide range of choices available in the market. Some come in a wood finish, others come with a scale attached to serve a dual purpose. Others have easily detachable options for quick cleaning. There is also a “family” toilet seat with multiple seats of different sizes from adults to children!

Decorate with bathroom accessories

The devil lies in the detail, which is why the accessories you choose will make your bathroom ordinary or stand out. Mirrors are a must in any bathroom but the type of mirror will make a big difference. With the solid shape and a border embellishment that matches the rest of your bathroom, mirrors can add wonders to your style. You could add additional side mirrors that provide a zoom view for makeup along with a regular mirror.  You can even add a dressing room style light bulb border to dramatize this corner. You can also choose to match the bathroom mat with the curtains to create a symmetrical flow

Other interesting accessories include aromatic candles in unique shapes and sizes that can make it a perfect way to create your personal space.

Plants / flowers

Plants add life to any corner in your home. Their greenery provides a burst of colour to any corner. Some plants like pothos will find it favorable to grow in a finite space and can easily be set in place with limited maintenance. You can also try the spider plant or bamboo that can be put on the window sill and will not need watering too often.

If you can afford a fresh look from the backyard, add fresh flowers to a decorative jug filled with water and replace them a couple of times a week.

You’ll start out by thinking you can’t do much with your rental apartment décor but if you set your heart to it, you are going to create an envious space that your landlord wished he had done on his own!

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