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This interior designs project by Hive Obsession, interior designers in Gurgaon, is quite impressive. This Gurgaon home is like an oasis of warmth in the middle of the concrete city. The home is the perfect mix of modern design and comfort. Just the right amount of colour and luxury are peppered throughout the home. Let’s take a tour of the house and you can see for yourself how charming the house is!

Design flow

The design flow in this house is flawless. By this, we mean that each room flows continuously one after the other in terms of design and style. The colour pallets in each room are different but they seem to blend together really well. From the chic mustard sofas to the window side seating arrangement, the home has every single luxury and amenity you can think of. From here, we see the uniquely designed and customized modern centre table, which uses multiple materials.

Unique elements

The unique elements in this house are what make it so beautiful. For example, we have the studio style lighting fixture that is fitted into the ceiling, along with a beautiful crystal lamp. The centre table is a mix of marble, glass and wood and looks beautiful here. There is also a stunning wall clock that is surrounded by handcrafted wood. There are different other lights fitted into the ceiling, so the homeowners can mix and match and create the perfect setting and mood.

Colours that pop

The colours in this room pop and how. The teal sofas are absolutely stunning. It is such an unusual choice of colour for a home but it fits right into the overall design. The understated marble flooring, and wooden door and windows create a great contrast. The leather centre table, leather seating on the side and the pouffes all look great together and create a cosy setting.

Mix and match

Like we said, the colours in each of the rooms in this home look so great together. The beautiful couch in this room is decorated with geometrical patterns and bright, yellow pillows. The simple and elegant centre table design using metal and glass is the quintessential furniture piece that millennials love. The snug white carpet and wooden flooring match perfectly with the modern style metallic décor. The wall behind the couch is decorated with a glass mirror that includes six simple frames.

The royal affair

At the end of our spectacular home tour, we come to the bedroom. At first glance, the mixing and matching patterns might look a little haywire, but upon closer inspection, the designs work well together. The bed frame is designed to look magnificent and royal. The wall behind the bed is a beautiful combination of colours and textures. When we come to the armchairs, we absolutely love the comfortable look and the floral pattern. The rest of the room is simple and elegant, which helps balance out the various other prints in the room.7 comfortable ideas of window sitting for your home.

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