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Heritage City 2, Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Modern Living Room
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Aesthetically designed homes always stand quietly apart from the run of the mill designs. While modern homes have their charm, there is something attractive about rustic and traditional designs. Quirky and genuinely attractive, small elements bring the home together. Interior designers and decorators of TRIBUZ INTERIORS PVT. LTD, Gurgaon are at the forefront of this artistically put together home in Gurgaon. Each corner, element and accent has been thought through well to come up with this gorgeously stunning home.

Traditional welcome

Warm colours for the walls and the furnishings makes this room appealing and the allure lies in the design that has successfully combined a modern element which is a fireplace with traditional furniture pieces such as the ornate single chair and the stained-glass door.

Arches for entrances

The home is open and does not have too many walls and the arches to the entrances contribute to the traditional feel of the home. A set of wooden blinds creates a barrier without obstructing the natural flow of the space. The rustic mustard colour for the stairs gives a Mediterranean feel to this space.

Interesting composition

The simple half wall which acts as a balustrade for the stairs is gorgeous and the mustard yellow colour for the walls reminds one of a traditional home. The simple abstract pattern in wooden strips creates a simple obstruction to the steps making it safe as well.

Simple design

A wonderful combination of light and dark creates the right look for this room. Soft colours for the sofa have been combined well with a dark colour chair and a centre table. These subtle notes have been accentuated by the use of a colourful artwork on the walls. A ledge on the walls allows for a wonderful space for displaying artefacts.

Unique dining room

The dining room leans more towards a modern design and this is thanks to the unusual shape of the dining table. This has been done to accommodate it within the unusual room. Benches make the dining table more usable allowing for more seating in this space.

Cosy bedroom

Using bamboo blinds is a very common thing for traditional homes. Here, the designers seem to have used it to create the look they want. The large bed fits the room size which accommodates a Tv as well. The colours and the tone match the overall design of the home.

Lovely sitting room

A gorgeously rustic bookshelf sits flush against the walls in this room. The colours of the wood have been contrasted well against the cerulean blue chosen for the sofas. The design for the sofas seem larger and could very easily work as a daybed as well.  The centre table is modest and functional in its design.15 Dining room and living room decorating ideas.

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