10 must-have wooden accessories for every home

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Wooden accessories were never and will never go out of fashion. In India wood crafting is a cottage industry and easily available in exhibitions, small shops, high-end home décor stores and even online stores. Accessories are an essential part of home décor that adds essence into the space with its simple presence. Handmade wooden accessories are trending these days and people love to have these attractively designed exquisitely carved handmade wooden accessories custom-made for them in their homes. If you are the one who is researching online to buy designer wooden accessories, then this ideabook is just for you. We have compiled a few must-have wooden accessories for you. Buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones; these pieces will hold a special place in your heart and home.  Have a look!

​1. Wooden spectacle holder

There is some problem with our spectacles; we keep misplacing it almost every day. Once you are forty, specs become important accessories for us and we need something to handle it properly. Go online and get wooden spectacle holder for your home. There are interesting and attractive designs available online. When not holding your specs, it will add to the beauty of the space.

For the man of the house

​2. Wooden door stopper

Give your wooden door an attractive companion and ethnic look through wooden door stopper. Different decorative door stopper in various designs are available in the market or online. Wooden door stopper comes with its own advantage; it will be long lasting and will not harm you or your family even if you handle it roughly.

​3. Wooden coaster

Make your serving table or dining table attractive and beautiful just by keeping wooden coasters on it. It can also be a great thing to gift to your family and friends.

​4. Wooden wine holder

The connoisseurs of wine will vouch for it, an exquisitely crafted wooden wine bottle holder. Apart from their collection of wines, you would also love to flaunt your beautiful wine holder. Innovatively and stylishly designed, various options are available. Apart from serving the purpose, it will also be a topic of appreciation when enjoying your drinks with friends.

An attractive one to flaunt

​5. Wooden office organizer

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Keeping the documents, stationeries and other office essentials that we use on day to day basis organized in office or study is a cumbersome task. Get yourself a wooden office organizer and half of your job will be done.

​6. Wooden tablet holder

We have become so used to of gadgets that today it’s hard to imagine a life without it. To make your life more comfortable, especially when you want to keep your hands free for other job, here is a fitting tablet holder made from wood for your convenience.

​7. Wooden mobile stand

Any electronic gadgets need to be handled with care. If it is our mobile, then the responsibility doubles up. A wooden stand which can hold our mobile when charging will keep it protected and secure for us. Many designs of wooden mobile stand are available online perfect for every mobile.

Stylishly simple

​8. Wooden stand for laptop

Now no need to worry when using laptop outside or where there is no proper place to keep it. Search online and you will get many options for laptop holder. But get yourself a perfect laptop stand in wood and enjoy the perfect balance it will provide to your laptop that too aesthetically.

​9. Wooden chopping board

Wood brings in elegance into the space with its warm and fresh look. A simple wooden chopping board will add style into your kitchen and give it a fresh impressive look. Cutting and chopping will no longer be a chore.

​10. Wooden knife holder

Another accessory that adds a classy touch into the kitchen is the wooden knife holder. Apart from keeping the knife in place, it can also serve as a decoration piece in your kitchen.

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