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When it comes to adding a touch of vivacious energy and romance to a room, few colours can hold a candle to red. This striking hue is one of the best tones to highlight an architectural feature, give more prominence to a space filled with boring neutrals, and just ensure a more vibrant style overall. 

However, not many people dare to add this brilliant colour to their bedrooms, as they’re too scared that it might overwhelm the space. And if there’s one space in the house that needn’t be overwhelmed, it’s the bedroom, since its main purpose is to calm and relax us. 

But for those of you out there who are curious about how to flaunt this lively colour the right way, treat yourselves to these red bedroom ideas…

1. The colour psychology of red

As our regular readers know by now, there’s an entire belief system dedicated to the way colours make us look and feel, called ‘Colour Psychology’. Red happens to be one of the basic colours (along with blue and yellow), and it is one that immediately catches the eye. 

Associated with energy and passion, red directly impacts our physiological state, since it increases heart rate and makes us breathe faster. But don’t forget that red is also the colour of love and passion (think about how it’s flaunted around Valentine’s Day every year). What’s more, studies suggest that people who wear red are also rated as more attractive by others. 

Like any other colour, red is available in a multitude of different hues like Candy, Scarlett, Crimson, etc. The connotations of each variation may vary, however. Darker colours, like Maroon or Burgundy, represent an action that is more restrained and sophisticated. Brighter shades, such as Scarlet, imply more energy and less dominance.

This versatility of red becomes most practical when it comes to red bedroom ideas.

2. Red bedroom ideas: An accent wall

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Master Bedroom


Red is a great choice for an accent wall, and not only for the bedroom. Think about how many living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc. you’ve seen where a singular red wall becomes the main focal feature. 

As a lot of homeowners are picking an all-white or grey backdrop for the bedroom, red is a wonderful way of invigorating this setting in an instant. Most often, it is the wall behind the bed that is splashed with a focal colour. 

What’s more, a red accent bedroom wall becomes even more striking if the rest of the space is as minimal as possible. 

homify hint: Want to increase your room’s sophistication factor? Add a touch of black along with those reds.

3. Red bedroom ideas: Textures and tones

Consider the various hues of red before you make your final choice. Perhaps all your bedroom requires is a touch of Blush or a stroke of Berry to make it come to life. 

Keep in mind that, when it comes to red, it is the finish that seems to make the biggest difference in a room’s atmosphere. While matte finishes give the room a more understated look, glossy reds are ideal for red bedroom ideas with a rich, exotic look. 

Then, hues like Berry red bring in a touch of purple, taking the entire room’s ambience in another direction!

4. Red bedroom ideas: Restrained splashes of red

Not sure if you want to take a huge leap with red in your bedroom? Red accents is your answer. 

Bring in this spirited tone via a bold rug, an accent chair, beautiful bedding, scatter cushions, or even lampshades. If you’re happy with the first few options, continue this approach by adding more pieces (in other red hues) over time. But similar to the red accent wall, use the colour in more than one place to really get the right feel for it (and to see how it looks in various light) before making your final decision.

5. Red bedroom ideas: Bedding and linen

Who doesn’t like a good spruce-up in their bedroom now and again, and one of the most cost-friendly ways to experience a new look is via new bedding. 

Splash a nice red on your bed’s linen – we guarantee it will become one of the main focal points in the room, especially if the space is encompassed in neutral shades.

6. Red bedroom ideas: Different looks for different styles

Red is surely welcome in any design style, but how do you know where to use it depending on your bedroom’s design? 

Contemporary designs incorporate neutral elements with pops of bold colour, which often includes red. Opt for bright red shades in a pillow, rug, blanket or throw.

Modern design opts for all kinds of reds, from primary Rose hues to classic shades with Burgundy undertones. We recommend injecting a splash of red through a painting or piece of art with your modern bedroom. 

Traditional design usually shies away from reds and instead goes for darker tones of Burgundy or Merlot. For your traditional-style bedroom, feel free to lay down a beautiful Oriental rug injected with darker reds. 

Transitional design opts for a main palette of neutrals, creating the perfect backdrop for pops of red. We recommend choosing a softer, more indirect approach to red in your bedroom, like a red lamp or smaller piece of art. 

And when it comes to country bedrooms, those reds are chalkier and softer: Opt for reds with a pinkish and purplish hue, such as Apple, Scarlet, Candy or Rose red. Accessorise your country bedroom with knickknacks and fabrics.

As you can see, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to red bedroom ideas. All it takes is a bit of imagination, some courage, but also some restraint to pull it all together in a design that fits and flows. And thanks to homify, you already have all the inspiration you need!

Not sure about which colour (and design) to choose for your bedroom? Then turn to A perfect bedroom style for every star sign.

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