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Transitioning from hardwood to tile flooring can look not only beautiful but also set a regular space apart from the rest. It can be elegantly completed and when planned well can simply be gorgeous throughout. Your flooring experts at homify can help you get this right and give you additional tips and ideas that will help you seamlessly achieve the perfect living spaces for your home.

A transition among tile and wood is often seen from the bedroom to bathroom, in the living room or the dining room to the kitchen. The structure of your home flooring also plays a big role as to whether or not you can go ahead and pull off a transition floor in a certain room of your home or not.  

There are various tiles and flooring surfaces to choose from and some of the common ones include ceramic tiles, carpet, concrete tiles, hardwood and marble to name but a few. How to transition wood floor to tile may take the help of a skilled profession in order to achieve perfection.

Neat transition along the walkway to office

This is how many homeowners want to see their floors seamlessly blend one to the next. In this example, the walkway leads from a wooden floor area and joins the office area with ease. There is no sudden or forced change in appearance or level and walking along this path is simple. This space blends the rustic and natural features of concrete and stone to add even more texture and intrigue to these rooms.

Seamless transition living room to the hallway

This is yet another example of how interior architects and flooring specialists seamlessly joined the two textured flooring from wood to tile. These adjoining spaces are so beautifully blended  with everything from décor to flooring and you can note that there isn't a woodfloor to tile transition gap.

Contemporary seating area

This seating area of the house enjoys bright color and natural light flowing through. Here is a reflection of a mimic to tile and wood flooring combination.

An allusion of wood flooring

Here once more another angle to the previous room, where it looks as if the center of this floor space is done with wood to compliment the rest of the dark tiles on the surrounding floor. This is a clever and non-permanent take to temporary changing the overall look of the floors in any given space.

Beautifully tiled bathroom

This bathroom differentiates its look from the bedroom as a neutral and beautiful blend of tile work is put in place. You can clearly see the transition between tile and wood floor as showcased in this living space and bathroom area. This home also makes use of a flushed appearance for a seamless effect in transition.

Tranquil and chic

This relaxing space in a bungalow in Arlington boasts the glamour and a style of a chic modern apartment as well as a great flooring design. The clever step going to the next floor space is a good way to join the stone tiles with the wood flooring in a seamless and natural way.  

The cost to install a combination of flooring in your home can vary depending on what you have planned for your floors, whether or not you are adding an extra layer of plywood or doing intricate alterations. Also, another factor to consider is the type of wood used, there are many different ones, from plywood and laminated to vinyl to give the effect without the price tag.

Another thing to note is that not all hardwood is suited to warm, humid regions of USA and in this case, an alternative of an engineered type of wood is a better option. Wood is naturally insulating. You will also consider the labor costs as old flooring will need to be removed before the new one is added and the tiles of choice.

Read this ideabook for some inspiring flooring tips and information ’11 ways  tiles can transform your home’ 

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