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pool is a wonderful way to dress up the backyard and add to the outdoor spaces of the home. You can also have an indoor pool or one in the terrace. It invariably creates a recreation spot in the home where one can relax and rejuvenate with the loved ones. In contemporary housing, a number of great pool finish ideas are available to the pool owners. Be it plaster (the most common one), tile, or aggregate finishes—each type of finish comes in a myriad of colors, materials & textures. From the elegantly classic white plaster to jazzy sparkling iridescent glass tiles, to a multicolored blend of glass beads or river pebbles, the list is endless.

Whether you are getting started on a pool renovation or building a new inground pool, the pool finish you opt for will significantly impact your pool’s final design aesthetic. Plaster is among the least expensive finishes for an inground pool. Expert professionals emphasize upon carefully exploring the different pool finish ideas to zero in on the best suited one for your needs & design aspirations. In this article, homify offers you great pool finish ideas. Take a closer look and pick the most befitting one!

Plaster finish.

The oldest & most common pool surface finish, plaster finish is nothing more than a simple mixture of water, Portland cement and marble dust (or silica sand). Traditional white plaster (also called marcite) imparts a smooth, classic appearance to the pools and continues to be a popular choice despite the latest range of advanced pool finishes. The least priced pool finish option is white plaster and it generally lasts for 5-7 years without any signs of chipping/ etching.

It is also possible to mix plaster with dyes or colored pigments to add more dimension & character to the poolscape. Medium gray is the most popular colored plaster pool finish that gives the water inside a fetching blue tint. Darker plaster tones, like deeper shades of gray & black, add depth to the pool and also enhance the water’s reflective quality. Dark plaster pool finish is usually employed to make the pool look like a natural lake or pond; it also creates a stunning effect wherein the pool reflects the surrounding architecture or landscape, acting like a mirror.

Aggregate pool finishes.

The new generation of plaster pool surfaces is represented by the aggregate pool finishes. These finishes consist of white/ colored plaster mixed with small pieces of granite, quartz, river stones or glass beads. Aggregate finishes are available in 2 forms: exposed & polished.

Polished aggregate finishes comprise of finely crushed colored stones, like granite, quartz, or marble. Post the hand application of the aggregate finish (using a trowel) to the pool shell, it is thoroughly polished to bring out the stone’s lustre & have a smooth surface. Flecks of colored granite or quartz impart a decorative sheen to the pool finish and extend the plaster's life by 12- 20 years. Polished aggregate finishes have a timeless allure that works well with classic pool designs.

Exposed aggregate finishes contain glass beads or tiny river pebbles. Like polished aggregate finishes, exposed aggregate finishes are also hand applied by expert craftsmen. However, on completion of the application and while the surface is still wet, the new finish is power washed using a mix of water & muriatic acid. This wash is meant to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the colorful glass beads or pebbles within. Exposed aggregates in the plaster add traction to the pool surface, and their varied sizes & colors allow for a range of color combinations & textures. 

The rustic look of pebble finishes complements the natural surroundings; pebble finishes are commonly used for lagoon-style or tropical pool designs.

Glass bead finishes capture the sparkle of the sunlight & lend a 3-D effect to the pool surface. These finishes can inject an exquisite magnificence into any pool design, but are the best options for enhancing the visual effect of modern pool environments.

Of late, aggregate finishes are gaining in popularity & desirability primarily because they offer a luxurious pool surface which is harder and also has a better resistance to chemicals & staining as compared to plaster alone. Aggregates also extend an array of appealing textures & colors, and can be conveniently custom-blended to create a truly singular pool look.

Polished wood..for a change!

Part of a bucolic estate on the Hudson River, this outdoor swimming pool-cum-wooden hot tub is an original design blending in with the landscape. Varnished/ lacquered wood has been carefully employed here as the pool/ tub finish. Wish to install something like this for your country-side sanctum? Check out our free consultation to get started!

Which one of these resonates with your requirements?

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