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Blessed with extra outdoor space at the rear end of your home? You can convert it into your choice of recreational zone with a little bit of creativity. Whether you are aiming to conserve water, cut down on time spent mowing & weeding, or just looking to make the most of your outdoor space, a number of wonderful backyard ideas are there to have an affordable, low maintenance space that your kids will also enjoy to the fullest. A lush Zen garden, a small wooden deck for a cozy family meal, a small pool, a lounge with a fire pit, an outdoor bar, a snug pergola or a barbecue nook… the list for backyard ideas is endless. You can always seek professional help to create a wellness oasis in your backyard, but as of now… .read on and be inspired!

Fire up the coziness.

This fireplace is an apt element to adorn your backyard, creating a superbly cozy ambiance even on the coldest nights. A gravel & pebble stone bed is a good base to house this fireplace. Just add ornamental greens along the periphery & some jazzy lighting and throw in some recliners and your comfy backyard lounge is ready. 

Next among great backyard ideas is this one with the fire pit. This fire pit creates a focal point and a warm gathering spot. The permeable fence enclosure with the moon gate allows for views into as well as out of the space, promoting chit-chat with the passers-by. The illuminated tree seen through the moon gate visually extends the perimeter. The dining table under a tree in the foreground makes for a welcoming enclosure for diners.

Another smart backyard idea without grass is this fun & natural fireplace design; installed on the ground (with a stone boundary) to look like a camp fire, this arrangement is a great way to have campfire parties with cozy vibes right in your backyard. One thing to remember, though, is to carefully install it at a safe distance from the adjacent wooden deck. 

Bringing in the Zen factor.

If meditation is your thing, this Zen-styled garden might be your choicest pick to bedeck the backyard. Paved with rocks, decorated with potted plants and with a Buddha statue placed in the center, you have the perfect quiet spot to unwind with a rejuvenating session of meditation. You can add a small green patch to add more palliative feel.

Alternately, creating a green wall like this and using stone & wood suggestions, you can have a Zen-like feel in the backyard. Small statuettes like the one in this image add to the tranquil essence. Taking this idea to your backyard is going a good step closer to nature.

A relaxing splash.

Quite popular among backyard ideas without grass is this refreshing swimming pool, particularly during hot summers. Armed with a decent sized wooden deck, the pool in this image overlooks the lovely city views and is decorated with ornamental plants to inject a sophisticated touch.

Fountain of freshness.

Backyard ideas with pools are quite a rage but if your backyard isn't roomy enough to install a swimming pool, a wall fountain like this is a great option. Cheap, manageable and appealing, this one is a good bet also for backyard ideas with grass- outdoor tiles, varnished wood, wrought iron furniture, stone bench, a mini lawn, some differently sized planters, a couple of creepers and you are good to go! Fountain of freshness.

The Pergola cover of repose in backyard.

The ferns add a lively touch to this inviting backyard lounge sitting pretty on the wooden deck. Recycled/ salvaged wood furniture, colorful upholstery and some ornamental greens make for a great outdoor living room, like the one shown here with the pergola.

When installing a wooden pergola, hang lamps & vases to make the most of the height and create a chic & comfy ambiance in the backyard.

Nobly decked up.

This image of a lavish deck of varnished wood, bordered with a narrow bed of shrubs & flowering plants and periodic Palm trees is something commonly seen. You can either have the entire backyard as a deck or divide it into a deck, a pool area and a small lawn, if space permits.

How about a backyard conservatory?

Adding a glazed covering for the backyard alongside outdoor furniture, smart lighting and light curtains is a fabulous way to have a conservatory at the back of your home. The backyard can be covered such that the wooden decking is taken care of by the glass while the curtains serve to demarcate the deck from the lush greens/ garden occupying the rest of the backyard. It is crucial to ensure, that the garden/ green patch is well cared for and protected against pathogenic/ insect infestations.

Hearty fun with family.

Integrating interior and outdoor spaces well creates larger areas for both, and this backyard kitchen-dining is a charming example of that. Modern with some rustic touches, this one enjoys a good connection with the main house and offers a private dining zone with your loved one.

Covering the backyard walls & fences with vine-type plants and having a small manicured lawn is a graceful way to leave the confines of the finer ground, creating soothing environs to have a cozy little gourmet kitchen-dining space adjoining the lawn. It is also one of the better backyard ideas for kids as the grass offers them a mini playground to run around as the elders indulge in conversation.

Employing natural wood as the primary material of construction, you can have a warm & welcoming backyard ideal for those lazy Sunday brunches with the family. The wall, ceiling & floor exude the scent of wood, allowing you to connect closely to the natural environment which adds amply to the sumptuous experience.

This fascinating backyard here also serves as an outdoor kitchen-cum-dining area, equipped with a grill-oven made of bricks and wooden suggestions to accentuate the simplicity of the design. The open space allows plenty of sunlight to penetrate for refreshing warmth. 

Furnished with clean stone-flooring, a rustic wooden dining set & an L-shaped modern couch, this backyard is a true manna from heaven. The small barbecue grill on the side furthers its appeal as the perfect family get-together spot.

Low and old furniture sitting on the wooden deck is a strong give away of a sociable & friendly atmosphere.

Something for the kids.

Among backyard ideas with grass, this commodious one with a huge fire pit and a soccer pitch is a great option if you have a generously sized backyard. It also scores well among popular backyard ideas for kids. The stone walkway through the lawn takes you near the fire pit & the flower beds with the small shrubbery. You can put chairs near the fire pit, enjoying your kids' play, the warmth from the pit and the enveloping natural goodness- all at once!

This spacious recreation area sitting on the backyard is yet another example to make the most of your backyard space. With ceramic tiled floors and a wooden ceiling, this huge space houses a grill & a large seating area which can be used for daily dining as well as parties. It has enough space for the tots to run around as well! This space leads out to a lush rear-side garden, where the children can play to their heart's content. 

Not only is this among truly affordable backyard ideas for kids, but it also provides a better interaction with the surrounding environment & panoramic views of the beautiful garden. It also offers a space with a lot of natural light and ventilation.

Private den.

A mix of pebbles, rocks, wood & planters is all you need to create a small backyard den like this. Simply pave the ground with rocks, place a leveled wooden board above it and throw in some poufs & cushions. Stylishly simple! Small uniformly sized planters add to the tidy allure. If your home is on the upper floor, you also have the views to go with it.

Artificial turf for an original backyard!

Many a times, backyard ideas with grass are not a practical option, especially when the homeowners do not have the time and/ or will to invest in mowing & weeding the lush lawn in the backyard. Also, if the furry canine resident has a penchant for digging, it becomes all the more painstaking to maintain the green patch. In such scenario, an artificial turf is a wonderful low maintenance, pet-friendly, savvy, neat & chic idea that is affordable too. It is win-win situation for kids as well, getting to play on the turf without being chided for damaging/ uprooting the grass!

Shaded with respite.

Another pet-friendly backyard idea, particularly inviting for dogs, is this easy to install nook loaded with coziness. A pavilion ideal for a snug read in the shade, with cool breeze & cushy pillows, this stone, metal & fabric installation is a convenient & customizable arrangement for any backyard. 

Some me time…

Have a wooden backyard deck? Simply add plants on all sides and place a comfortable chair amidst it to create an ideal restful spot right in the backyard!

For those with a green thumb, here are some simple garden ideas that will add amply to your backyard. You can also check out our free consultation for some expert guidance to get you started!

Which other noteworthy backyard ideas do you have up your sleeve?

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