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When designing the kids’ bedroom, room decorators & interior designers oftentimes stress on opting for a theme that reflects the little ones’ personality and motivates their inner genius. Of late, creative furnishings/ decor pieces, murals, decals & fascinating wallpapers for children’s rooms are available, that tacitly indicate the interests of the young minds. Fantasy, adventure, outer space… … you name it and it is there. Be it for your junior champ or your little princess, a variety of contemporary styles are at your disposal to give the kiddie zone a more personal touch.

This homify article offers you some wonderful ideas to communicate your little girl’s persona through her bedroom furnishings & accessories. Generally, girls’ bedrooms are bedecked using soft pastels to convey the feminine innocence. But every girl is different and so should be her room.Since her bedroom is her little world, pimping up her room with her type of accessories & detailing helps fire her imagination and furthers intellectual stimulation to excel. It is a wonderful way to help your little daughter hone her personality & strive to achieve her childhood dreams. Sounds exciting? Have a closer look!

Disney princess.

Does your little girl have her own fantasy kingdom where good always triumphs over evil and there are fairy godmothers watching over her? If yes, then wallpapers/ wall murals with Disney princess theme are perfect for your little princess' room.

Nerdy girl.

This one is for your little doll if plenty of different books, board games and jigsaw puzzles interest her reclusive self. With a variety of inspiring colors sitting in the room, a blackboard for her to jot down her thoughts, varicolored furniture to host her with her imaginary friends & a nice window-side seater as an ally for quiet contemplation, such a room is just right for the adorable, introverted little geek. 

Modern hippie.

Free-spirited & non-conforming to the usual conventions..if that sounds like your little rebel, this Scandinavian bedroom is the ideal den for her. This simplistic and modest bedroom with Bohemian suggestions boasts of unusual furnishing elements. The bed is a soft furry rug inside a tent adorned with jazzy lighting. Look at the unique decor!

Urban flâneur.

The term flâneur basically comes from the French meaning of ‘stroller’/ ‘lounger’. Charles Baudelaire had developed a derived meaning of flâneur that indicates a person who walks the city to experience it. If it seems similar to your curious young daughter's beliefs on urban culture, the urban flâneur theme is perfect to bedeck her bedroom.

This photo captures the imagination of a young girl who has her own understanding of modernity & urban phenomena, employing NYC sticker as a template on her walls.

Peter Pan.

Is your adolescent girl among those kids who age but refuse to grow up & mature, still holding onto those infancy & childhood accessories, ideas & behaviors? Then this Peter Pan theme is befitting for your kid's personality. Your adolescent princess may have a variety of old stuff in her room. You can arrange all that memorabilia neatly with a wallpaper depicting adventure (as shown), which could be your unsaid message to your girl urging her to fly out of the childishness. Watsay?

Nature lover.

If lush greens, fragrant flowers, soft grass & open skies are what catch her fancy, your little girl is a nature lover and something on the lines of the room shown here is simply apt to reflect her personality. Note the soothing shades, grass-like rug, sky blue ceilings and green wallpaper depicting wilderness. The window-side arrangement with planters & comfy seat to soak in the refreshing outdoors could well be her idea of relaxation with an engrossing read. The wooden floor adds a warm earthy essence.

Which of these themes did you find the best suited for your little one's room?

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