9 stylish tray ceiling ideas for different rooms

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A tray ceiling can change the appearance of a flat, regular roof and convert it into something super elegant and flamboyant. Due to its unique architecture, its design causes the middle section to be higher than the rest of the ceiling and this is why this tray design is also called an inverted or recessed ceiling. There are many uses for trayed ceilings whether you’re using it in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

The cost for a tray ceiling depends on various aspects of materials used as well as the overall condition of the home and the location of the ceiling. To install a ceiling of this design could cost between 500USD to 3,000 USD per ceiling, with intricate roof raising projects also leading to an estimate 10,000USD. With that in mind, every property is different and will require its own overall assessment when considering raising the ceiling and this will determine the costs involved to do so.

There are many types of tray ceiling designs and the following are just to showcase some stunning variations:

1. Kitchen tray ceiling excellence

Kitchens are a popular choice for inverted ceilings but they can be used in any space of the home. This simple, ceiling adds an element of spaciousness in what could’ve easily felt less large given the design without an island.

2. Minimal yet sophisticated

This dining room is not overdone and highlights the important bits of this room. The ceiling here showcases the classic rectangular design with simple lines yet adds to this areas overall size and the feeling of less is indeed more!

3. An elegant spacious feel

This beautiful kitchen’s tray ceiling extends to the dining section of the room to exhibit a sense of flow and elegance. The lighting used accentuates the design of the ceiling and adds to the kitchen’s liberal space.

4. Simply charming living room ceiling tray

Living rooms are a place where the family and visitors get together, socialize, and enjoy quality time in each other’s company. This living room has a perfect balance of charm, and interior architects cleverly used color contrasts in a frame-like design to complete these ceilings. The colors used on the ceiling accentuate and compliments the accessories and adds classy sophistication to this elegant living room.

5. Chic dining

What better way to make your dining room even more beautiful than to have it fitted with a ceiling tray. Good use of lighting, color and minimal textures is what makes this room so beautiful and comfortable.

6. Artistic streak with a twist

This living room highlights the clever construction of how the designers create an illusion of an inverted ceiling that plays on the eye. Similar to box canvass, this design is chunky and beautiful with the gorgeous light fixture to add a touch of delicate luxury.

7. Expressing depth

This dining room is classy and beautiful. It has a sense of rustic sophistication and the neutral colors make it even more inviting. This dining room showcases how smart tray ceiling lighting can bring out the rooms’ best features and compliment the décor. Many of these ceilings are either fitted with downlights or tube lighting to give a softer ambient light throughout the space.

8. A breath of fresh air and cool color

This modern apartment takes the liberty to extend its design even more by implementing a blue shaded inverted ceiling that matches the blues and whites throughout this room. Needless to say, that combined with the glass wall curtain, this room has little to hide in terms of being exquisitely modern and relaxing!

9. Defining the art of space

While tray ceilings are able to give a room the feeling of being large and spacious, this is exactly what this room exudes. With the glass letting natural light in, the ceiling helps to extend the bright natural light throughout the room.

Although people commonly make use of white paint for their tray ceilings, some people go ahead and turn their tray into a magnificent work of art by using trayed ceiling art ideas and expressing even more grandeur and charm in their home.

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