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Hopping on a flight, taking a train, heading someplace far away – sounds familiar? We all like to travel for pleasure and sometimes we have to travel for work as well. So what makes the jaunt away from home memorable? Finding your own slice of home away from home, your very own Heaven on Earth – that’s what! A comfortable and nicely done up hotel room is what keeps our spirits high after a day spent in meetings and conferences, or sightseeing and shopping. In fact, we have to admit – there have been times when we walk into a hotel suite and wonder why our home can’t look like that!

There have been times in all our lives when we have wondered, ‘how can I get a house like a hotel suite?’ Luxurious, understated and just right – those are the key elements that appeal to all of us, irrespective of the standard of the room. So what brings out our inner décor cravings when we walk into a hotel room and how to achieve the same effect in our very own home sweet home? Well, read on to get inspired by hotel suites and turn your home into heaven on Earth! Your dreams are now made easy by designers like The KariGhars working from Bangalore and the United Kingdom.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design leaves us all fascinated, as it should, considering the precious moments we spend there, first thing every day. To get the hotel suite feel and turn your bathroom into your personal haven, we have a few quick and easy to implement pointers. To begin with, towels. Invest in a set that’s soft, fluffy and in neutral colours. Bring home a cute basket and roll up the smaller towels to place by the sink or on the flush tank. Next, find yourself a bathroom set that has a toothbrush holder, a liquid soap dispenser and a soap dish. Try options in pretty ceramic or even robust looking stone for that luxurious look. Again, stick to neutral colours with pops of colour in pretty trimmings or patterns. And while you’re at it, get yourself a sturdy towel rack and hooks for behind the door so that your bathroom is clutter free. A candle stand with a dish for fragrant oil should be the final item on your shopping list!

Bedroom Design

The first thing that you notice about a nicely done up bedroom, especially a hotel suite – is the bed. Usually, raised platform beds with a six-inch spring mattress are what gives us unbounded joy every time we tune in for a snooze in a hotel suite. So start your bedroom design with an appropriate bed. Go the budget hotel way if you are small on space – get yourself a twin bed. If you do have plenty of space, remember to invest in a compact couch or chair set with a coffee table. Get some matching linen in pretty colours – don’t forget to layer with bedsheets, a bed cover, quilts and a quilt cover in a contrast colour. Bed runners are a good daytime option too, as are piles of cushions in varied sizes. Don’t forget to keep a bench at the foot of the bed to hold it all when you turn into sleep.

The Illumination

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room. Also, always notice how your mood shifts when you enter a room with subtle lighting. It can lift your mood even when it soothes senses that have been left frayed at the edges by crazy traffic or a packed day. Take a cue from hotel suites and bring illumination to your home accordingly. Track lighting in cupboards and soft overhead lamps or sconces will do the trick. Place some accent lighting like a tall lamp by a couch or a table lamp on the study table and on end tables. The illumination has to be balanced in a room and the trick is to keep things light. Use energy saving yellow CFL bulbs and switch on your main lights or tube lights only when you really need them. Invest in LED lights for a sleek look.

Open Spaces

Use open spaces to place pots with pebbles in them and lush palms. Or throw a chair or two with a table and magazines for that cosy, hotel suite type nook. Get a nice, neutral coloured rug and you are good to go! A small fountain with soothing lighting can also add to the glow and charm of an open space or corner.


Keep the rich fabrics for the living room and take the lighter and airy textiles like cotton to the bedroom. If you like prints, stick to muted ones and get yourself a graphic printed piece or two to break the monotony. Clad your headboard in a nice velvet fabric for an ultra luxurious look and layer your curtains with a panel of sheer curtains for some hotel suite type appeal. Remember to use neutral colours everywhere – the couch, the bed, the rug, the table cloth. But give yourself some colour therapy with solid coloured cushions and one odd embellished runner across the table.

Inspiration for One Room Flats

One-room flats have a charm of their own and can be done up with oodles of inspiration from hotel suites. Cover one wall with a bank of cupboards and shelves. Place a TV with a chest of drawers under it, and keep a flat full-length mirror with sleek shelves to one side. Hunt for a couch that has straight lines and box storage underneath and get a matching sofa that turns into a bed. A pretty dining table for four should complete the look.

Remember, when you are looking to get inspired by hotel suites to turn your home into heaven on Earth, the trick is to keep it looking sharp and neutral! Go for straight lines and tune into your inner Zen to maximise space and that tranquil hotel suite-like feel.

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