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2 BHK at Chandivali, Mumbai, A Design Studio A Design Studio Modern Living Room Wood Beige
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An charming home is one where you use just enough pieces in strategic points around the home to create the right impact. It is not necessary to use to buy expensive or large pieces, a few goods and tasteful functional pieces can do the trick. The interior designers and decorators of A DESIGN STUDIO, Mumbai have worked to present a picture-perfect home with their creativity and tasteful decoration. Infusing the home with color selectively has worked exceptionally to give a stylish and chic look.

Polished Foyer

This lovely entrance is the perfect welcome. A clean and clutter-free look thanks to the simple woodwork used on the door and the checkered wood effect on the ceiling. The composition works even better thanks to the unassuming design of the table. Flowers on the table is the perfect way to welcome your guests in.

Vibrant Sitting Room

The bright blue sofas in the sitting room is a different approach as most people tend to stick to safe choices and use light tones. However, a bright color can not only perk up the room but it works wonders to make the house look lively and vibrant. The round and classy mirror on the wall is the only other artwork in the room.

Wonderful Living Room

The lighter tone of the mosaic keeps the tone and look subtle and lets the drapes and the colors create the right magic. The false ceiling and the thin wooden beams give the entire space a modern look.

Contemporary Dining Room

The interesting use of blue and white continues through the modern dining room as well. The lovely choice of chairs in the same furnishings as seen in the sitting room works great to keep the mood light and casual in the room here. The long and low-hanging lights make the room intimate and beautiful.

Formal Bedroom

This is a great use of space as the room looks comfortable and elegant. The choice of colors is lovely. You can never go wrong with lighter colors as it is easy to decorate and design around it. The Browns used in the drapes bring out the exquisiteness of the room and space. The large headboard is pretty and exquisite. The lights hang low on each side of the bed which works great when you want to read in bed.

Well-furnished Bedroom

The winged chair seems to fit in perfectly here. The choice of material and pattern works with the other aspects of the room as well. The large mirrors are great especially when you lack a dresser in the room.

Cheerful Bedroom

Mustard is possibly the best color to use if you would like to infuse some happiness and cheer into any space. The low-hanging antique-shaped bulbs give an old-world charm to this unique and trendy bedroom.For more stand out home and interior ideas, stay with us on the next home tour.20 bedroom ideas that will inspire you.

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