Eclectic Sophistication Meets Unique Art in this West Village Townhouse in Manhattan

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While some people could pressume the glamorous Manhattan to be strictly modern and contemporary, one tends to forget all the beauty that comes from tapping into “old world” designs that have shaped the future of furniture and design as we know it. In this 360 article, we see how architects cleverly make use of texture, elements, design and, color to create a charming home.

Architects and designers created the ideal home that expresses the owner’s personality, appreciation of art and design throughout several years. This eclectic marriage showcases some beautiful French Restoration pieces as well as contemporary touches blended with some of the most intriguing art sculptures and paint collections. The designers also added some naturalistic era bathroom accents while blending 70’s and Art Deco inspired architecture radiating throughout this 4 story gem of a house.

Art color blends

This living room is comfortable and inviting. This is what you’d want in a living space is to create a sense of comfort and relaxation that's welcoming. The use of neutral colors along with contrasting artwork color and scatters balances this space quite nicely.

Modern and contemporary furniture

While this exquisite townhouse appreciates old designs and artistic eras, it also shows appreciation for modern furniture and contemporary pieces as seen here with straight lines and wooden décor.

Say all with unique sculpture

Creating a strong image and presence can be well said with striking pieces of art and sculptures such as this large-scale work of art. The neutral color also makes it easy to relocate as it will blend in with other parts of the home.

Synchronizing elements

The designers took the time to cleverly showcase every part of this home’s positive features as well as adding accessories and pieces to extend those signature elements and beauty. The design of this living room provides good light and textures as is seen here.

Modern with silver

Silver does not have to be a space-aged color, but here the architects make use of silver modern kitchen appliances and adequate worktops and storage space. All of this make up a rather modern looking galley kitchen.

Thoughtful expressions

This is a clever piece of wall art and instead of the regular painting or photo in a frame; this artwork says it with clever words. This is another original take to using home décor efficiently.

Inspired by the French Restoration Era

This hallway expresses the 1800’s French restoration Era that was chic and embraced minimalistic lines and designs.

Simply gorgeous

This hallway is the epitome of simplicity and beauty as it uses Art Deco inspired furniture and blends neutral color with fresh flowers giving it a classic vibrance.

Blending nature and art

This nude artwork gives a sense of feeling comfortable in your own skin. This room is a good example of how nature and art can create the ideal partnership and a strikingly beautiful space within the home.

Charming simplicity

This bedroom doesn’t beat around the bush and totally embraces simple lines and minimal textures.

Rustic flair

This passage is light and airy which is beautiful as it combines the charming sense of more French Restoration furniture.

Naturalistic senses

This bathroom captivates the Naturalistic Era of the early 1900’s and with the large window, the designers create a light space featuring chic taste as is seen in these beautiful tile work and bathroom fixtures.

Exquisite grandeur

This angle shows how much depth and elegance this bathroom has and looks fit for a “royal affair”.

Elegantly old world

This bathroom is another example of how the architects made use of the charm of old world culture and cleverly designed this luxury bathroom.

Bold art inspiration

This bold artwork expresses beauty and a sense of modern-day interiors. You too can create the perfect signature home that speaks of your unique styling taste and preference. So why not have a browse through homify and find your inspiration today!

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