Colour Guide: How to Use Charcoal Grey for Your Home Interiors?

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Shades of grey happen to be a particular favourite among the homeowners decorating their homes in modern style. Grey looks spectacular in house inspired by Scandinavian design as well. It gives the interior a cool and calm feeling. It is suitable for maintaining the neat and tidy look of the interior. Besides, grey seems to be perfectly in sync with the minimalist décor, a trend for contemporary design. 

Today, we will discuss the application of charcoal grey in the interiors of your home. You will soon find out what colours go with charcoal grey and how to blend the colours that go with grey schemes effortlessly.

The revolution in interior design in the turn of 20th century and then the increasing popularity of Nordic design helped making grey the most popular shade for the interiors and exteriors of residential buildings. Soon even rustic and country style homes started following the suite along with their contemporary counterparts. Many of the modern celebrities are said to have embraced charcoal in the interiors of their homes. So you have plenty of excellent reasons to embark on your latest colour adventure.

Charcoal Grey Colour Schemes: What you must remember?

Okay, so you are convinced that you should use grey in the interiors of your residence. You may also soak the external walls with coats of charcoal grey paints. But remember the following points before including it in your colour scheme:

Charcoal grey is a rather dark shade. It is better to delude the space with natural and artificial light in a room where shades of grey, especially such a dark one as the charcoal shade, are being used. This will make the room bright, secure and comfortable for everyone. Grey being a neutral to cool tone needs light to balance its cool nature. Grey rooms with sufficient light may look dark and ominous.

Mix and match grey with other colours. Try to use the various shades of grey in layers. Doing so will help you decorate a very chic and lively space. It makes a small room look more spacious as well. Paint the ceilings with a lighter shade and add a sense of extra height in the room. Paint the corners in a lighter shade or decorate them with bright LED lighting.

Grey looks best in the rooms facing east, south east and westerly directions. They receive generous amount of sunshine throughout the day and keep the warmth of the ambience intact. It is not the best colour to use in the rooms located in the northern part of your house. If you must use them in this part of your dwelling, then blend it well with other brighter hues.

What colours match charcoal grey?

See how skilfully the interior designer blended the charcoal colour with other shades of grey. It is one of the best ways of using grey in the bedroom and creating a very calm and relaxing space for rest and peace. The grey on the feature wall is not a solid colour. The subtle motif makes it look even more interesting. The other walls are soaked in pale grey tones. Wall to wall carpet in pale grey shade makes the grey based colour scheme even more interesting.

Two colours complement the almost exclusive grey colour scheme of the bedroom. One of the them is another cool shade – dark blue which you can see in the cushions. The other one is the warmth of the wood texture of cabinet and nightstands. Don’t forget about the importance of lighting in this space. Large glass windows allow enough sunshine inside the room. Stylish lighting fixtures play their part effectively.

Charcoal grey colour: Complementary shades

Certainly blue is not the only colour to complement the shades of grey. The trendy design of this spacious living room gives you some more suggestions about the choice of colours in your rooms with grey colour palette. The sectional sofa in grey tone has been decked up with lemon green cushions. The combination looks striking and also very welcoming in the living room. Green plants are ideal for decorating the interiors of a room with grey colour schemes. The varying hues of live plants induce a genial feeling in the atmosphere with élan. Natural wood plays a key role in stylizing a space like this. It injects a warm feeling that is difficult to match or replace with other articles of décor.

Charcoal grey sofa

You have already seen the use of grey in the living room. This living room proves to be another stunning instance of living room stylised with charcoal grey paint. Not only that. It also houses a charcoal grey sofa and armchair. Instead of using colours, the designer has used cushions with florid motifs to deck up the sofa and the chairs.

The interesting décor of the feature wall is something which needs closer inspection. One half of the wall is completely covered in dark grey paint. The other half has cabinets with white doors and grey walls around the fireplace with abstract effects. The upper portion has small windows. The top of the cabinet is decorated with framed images, candle stands and art works. Black and white curtains and rugs complete the look of the interior of this stylish living room.

Charcoal grey kitchen cabinets

Charcoal grey kitchen cabinets are something which you may consider investing in, especially if you are planning to renovate your kitchen soon. The colours are just perfect for a modern kitchen with fashionable interior. You may include other shades of grey and white in the colour scheme and show your cabinets in the best possible light. Take a cue from the design of this kitchen. It is decorated with white and charcoal grey cabinets. The stylish interior of the kitchen which also boasts of an excellent view of the surrounding city looks glamorous in their presence.

Use of sunny yellow colour in the upholstery of the dining chairs add that extra bit of cheer so very much needed in the interiors of residential homes. The contrast of cool grey and warm yellow has a stellar effect on the décor of the room.

Charcoal grey in dining room

When the kitchen is dressed in grey, shall the dining parlour be left behind? Certainly not! If you have an open plan kitchen cum dining area then this grey colour scheme would increase the glamour of both the spaces. This dining room has each of its walls and the ceiling almost entirely painted in the charcoal shade. The darkness of the shade is balanced with wood flooring. Glass top dining table and upholstered chairs make this space feel even more charming.

Charcoal grey bathroom ideas

Charcoal grey bathroom décor can look chic and feel very relaxing. You may use porcelain tiles in this shade to decorate the space. Using natural stones, especially slate, on the walls would also help you introduce the intended effect. Consider balancing some of the sharpness of a dark shade like this with warm white tone. Wooden furniture and vanity unit would look special in this space as well.

Charcoal grey accessories

You need not change the colours of the walls every time you wish to refresh the colours of the interiors. You may buy curtains, cushion covers, bed furnishings or upholstery in charcoal shade and decorate your rooms. Being a neutral colour, it almost effectlessly merges with any other shades and, in fact, helps in accentuating them. Now, it is time for you to start playing with the existing colour scheme in your home and include dark grey in it.

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