Colour Guide: Colours that Go with Beige Walls

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Beige is a universally popular colour for the interiors. The warmth of the colour helps designing a very genial living space full of happiness and style. This colour reflects light well. So it makes the living space look bigger. Thinking of including beige in your colour scheme? Our today’s article will help you choose colours that go with beige walls.

Beige colour suits the interior of classical homes, rustic dwellings as well as the modern homes. The flexible nature makes it such an adorable shade for many. Though warm in tone, beige does not fail to give your bedrooms and dining areas a relaxing and friendly vibe. Let’s find out what colours go with beige and how to use it to beautify the living area.

Using beige in the interiors: What to Remember?

Before you go for beige colours palette, take into consideration the following pointers. A room decorated with beige colours scheme should have ample source of natural and artificial light. Beige in a gloomy room makes it look old. It has a fatiguing effect on the entire room instead of a rejuvenating one.

Beige can easily develop stains and dirt marks. It is light colour and these ugly marks look more prominent in a room soaked in beige. So invest in a washable paint. This would help you spring clean your rooms periodically and maintain the refreshing look of the interiors. Beige is often used in kitchens and dining rooms. You should be extra careful about maintaining the clean look of the walls in these spaces.

Choose appropriate accent colours for beige. Otherwise, you may end up designing a dull looking room. 

Never forget to vary the texture of the walls between the rooms and even within it. Doing so will help you design a very glamorous looking space. You may seek advice of a professional interior designer in regards to this.

How to best utilise beige in the interiors?

You can actually expand your choices by introducing beige colours palette in your home. Beige works very well in the backdrop. This means you can introduce complementary shades in the room without making it look unduly busy and cluttered in any way. The best way of finding the complementary or matching colours for any shade is working with a colour wheel. 

Beige belongs to the family of brown. Locate this shade in the colour wheel. Have a look at the colours beside beige. These colours would go very well with beige. Then have a look across. The shades sitting across the shades of beige are their complementary colours.

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What is tan beige?

Tan beige is one of those earthy shades that never seem to go out of style. Tan beige is often used as a key colour for clothing and accessories. Its usage is certainly not limited to the interior of the Canadian homes. Tan can be described as a lighter shade of brown. The word comes from tan bark or tannum which is considered to be of Celtic origin. In the bygone era, tan or oak bark was used to tan the leathers. Many people also describe it as a yellowish brown shade. Tan beige, when integrated skilfully in the interiors, generates a very special feeling. It has all the qualities of earthy brown as well as the cheery nature of natural beige.

What colours complement beige?

There are plenty of colours that go well with beige. Warm white happens to be a frequently used beige complementary shade. You can also decorate the interior of your rustic home with a combination of beige and white. It helps you design a clean and unfussy interior which feels comfortable and looks chic.

You can throw a dash of spice in the combination of white and beige easily. All you need to do is add some bright orange accents. Orange is one of the most favoured accent colours for beige walls. This will have a spectacular effect on the interior ambience. Orange works well with tan, sandy brown beige and fawn as well. You need not throw in white in the combination, but doing so helps you to bridge the transition between the two colours effectively. Consider having orange feature wall in a room with beige colours. If this seems a little too bright for you, then you may simply have orange coloured cushions and curtains.

Green, especially the darker shades, also goes well with beige. Being an earthy tone, beige merges effectively with shades of green. Olive green, jungle green, fern and artichoke green are some of the most favoured shades to complement beige. Like orange, you can invest in dark green curtains, upholstery and cushion covers. Silk and satin with their natural lustre will look very well in a setting like this. And, what about having some green plants in the indoors? This is one of the best ways of pepping up the ambience of any room.

Curtains for beige walls

We have already discussed about the orange and green curtains for beige walls. Those are certainly not the only option for you. Dark brown and red curtains can be chosen for beige rooms as well. White curtains with subtle beige motifs offer some great options. Vary the texture and of the fabric to bring out the best effect. If you have glossy walls buy fabric with slightly matte texture like cotton or linen. If, on the other hand, you have textured walls with eggshell finish then you may opt for fabrics with silk like shine.

Beige living room

On the image above you can see a beige living room with a graceful style. The designer has chosen beige walls, curtains and upholstery fabric for this open plan living room. The wooden texture of the coffee table and one of the side tables integrate with the colour scheme effortlessly. A combination of sunny yellow and white accentuates the space. Notable is the presence of the sunny yellow stool and cabinet in the dining area. 

Modish tulip chairs grace the dining space which is decorated with beige curtains. Mirrors add a bit of glitter in the room. Lighting fixtures, including the ceiling mounted ones, make the space look homey and cheerful. This living room provides us an excellent recipe for beige living room décor.

Beige bedroom

Due to its calming influence on our minds, beige proves to be one of the best colours for the bedrooms. Don’t you think this beige bedroom looks so utterly chic yet comfortable? The warmth of the colour has been balanced with white and dark brown. Subtle patterns on the beige ceiling also add an element of surprise. Beige walls have been decked up with images with golden frames. A trendy chandelier plays its part in making the room look so special. This beige bedroom is also decorated with greyish white curtains, a plush area rug, prominent bedside lamps, ottomans and some other articles of décor.

Beige dining room

If you are planning to design a delicious dining room then consider using beige for the interiors. Take inspirations from this beige dining room decorated tastefully with modern furniture. Lemon yellow dining chairs grabs attention. Dark green cupboards and table lamp add the necessary pizzazz. Wood paneling helps to make the room look more welcoming.

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