10 large living room ideas to fall in love with!

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It's no secret that the living room is the main and most used room in any home. Usually located in the heart of a property, it naturally becomes a social hub that everybody enjoys convening and relaxing in, but the bigger the space, the more of a problem it can become when it comes to decorating. 

So many people are focused on trying to make more of a modest living room that those with generous spaces to play with can be a little overlooked, but that is no longer the case, as this guide has been designed to offer a plethora of large living room ideas. When it comes to the question of how to decorate a large living room, there are numerous incredible techniques that can be brought into play and some of them are so deceptively simple that it's shockingly easy to over look them. 

We've identified some key motifs for not only maximizing the potential of a huge lounge, but also adding a sense of proportion and usability as well and we've listed them below.

1. Use the view.

Let's start with an idea for large living rooms that won't work for everyone, but needs to be addressed for the few that can play with it. For large living rooms that enjoy a stellar view, making the most of the vista is a terrific idea and can almost make exciting interior touches unnecessary. ALMOST. Interior designers are far from defunct though.

By keeping the living room itself neutral and directing furniture towards the view, the ever-changing vista will make for a dynamic space.

2. Add tall plants.

When tackling a big room, a lot of attention is naturally diverted to the main pieces of furniture, but there's another element to consider. While the right sofa is essential (we are coming to this!), choosing to furnish with some tall plants is a simple yet effective way to create some proportion. Let's not forget that some natural greenery adds a much-needed organic feel as well.

3. Use color creatively

A large living room can seem like an easy space to decorate imaginatively, but if it's simply a huge rectangular box, steps need to be taken to give it a little personality, otherwise there will be a very rigid and static finished aesthetic. A simple way to add some personality back in is to experiment with color, in a bid to create a kaleidoscopic effect that draws the eye to different niches and nuances in the room. 

This amazing layout is a perfect example of what we mean, as it's difficult to know where to begin. Do we focus on the rug, the armchairs or the stained glass?

4. Add numerous seating options.

They say that variety is the spice of life and in terms of a large living room, it's absolutely true. By taking the time to install more than one style of seating, there will be a far less uniform look to the finished space, creating a naturally diverse and interesting aesthetic. Moreover, not everybody actually wants to curl up on a sofa with every other member of a household, which is why some singular seats are a common sense and stylish addition.

5. Replace coffee tables with large ottomans.

A beautiful coffee table is usually the centerpiece of a living room, but when the space is large, small occasion surfaces can simply get swallowed up and lost in the square meterage. A better idea, which will also add some proportion, is to swap out a regular coffee table for a striking and oversized ottoman. 

By choosing a style of ottoman that includes storage, no practicality will be lost and with all the incredible fabrics now on offer, boring upholstery needn't be a concern either.

6. Go two-tone with the walls.

Few people seem to realise that a large space can be cleverly carved up and segmented with creative use of color. We've all been so busy thinking that furniture is the only way to divide and conquer a gargantuan area but in reality, some contrasting slices of wall hues will work just as well and it's not just paint or wallpaper that can be employed for the task.

A feature media wall can be a fantastic way to add in some dark slices of drama and when set against otherwise neutral or pale walls, will help to really earmark different 'zones'.

7. Add proportion with a large light fixture.

Large living room design really relies on a common sense layout and beautiful pieces of furniture but there's something else that can elevate the space; a statement light. 

In living rooms with a high ceiling, a suspended fixture can work perfectly, to draw everything down and create a more cozy and intimate setting. Low ceilings can get in on the act as well, with innovate strip lighting running around the perimeter of the room. If all eyes are focussed on the lighting, a little more time can be taken to get the furniture layout just right too.

8. Split the space with an L-shaped sofa.

When comfortable seating and plenty of it is the top priority, an L-shaped sofa is the perfect choice, s it not only allows for plenty of bottoms on seats, but also, an easy and natural division of the room itself. Add a rug as well and suddenly, what was a spacious area has become a wonderfully large room, with a comfortable relaxation area clearly marked out. A modular L-shaped sofa would be a good choice, as it could easily be extended, as and when the need arises.

9.Go big with the art.

A big living room is a great opportunity to supersize the pieces of art that are displayed. Not only will big collections create a striking and covetable focal point, they have a natural tendency to also fill large empty spaces that can lead to a stark feel. Sculptures, in particular, divide a room beautifully, but oversized wall art will also help to add in some valuable proportion.

10. Make it cozier with a fire.

A large living room with a fireplace is a terrific way to combine spacious living with a cozy aesthetic. Getting the ambiance right in a big room can be ever so tricky, but a real fire will naturally bring the functionality of the room back to relaxation and lounging, while also creating a lot of warmth and enjoyment. A stunning hearth and mantle can also be a brilliant alternative to a television as the main focal point.

Are you looking forward to livening up your large living room now?

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