6 ideas on how to display your home accessories

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Accessorizing your home can be loads of fun and it gives you the unique liberty to showcase your personal taste and design preferences. Accessories are the smaller items you use in your home that can accentuate a theme, texture and add color. They can be unique or a collection of various items that when put together create the perfect marriage designed especially for your living spaces.  Home accessories for your media room and other living areas are fantastic additions to your home and can be found at various homeware stores and home depots if you’re going it the DIY route.

1. Rustic home accessories—charm on display

Rustic décor is a delightful choice if you want to keep it looking original, charming, simple and beautiful. In this seating area, you can come together with others or take the time out to relax and enjoy the benefits of a wonderful private setting that features color, textures and elements of culture displayed in the art, sculptures and pottery.

2. Simple and beautiful, functional kitchen displays

Kitchens are always great for displaying your crockery and other glass items. When looking at this lovely example, both color and textures were considered to help showcase this simple, yet functional kitchen. The clever use of floating shelves gives it a twist on the standard built-in shelves that are commonly seen. 

3. Neat and clever book display

There are few better ways to display your books than using a book display or built-in shelves as seen here. With these living room accessories, you not only showcase your favorite books which also add splashes of color, but also other items. This is a lovely example of how the designer used framework, vases and other bits to display originalality. Showcasing accessories like this can eliminate the need for a feature wall as this easily takes the place and does the job excellently.

4. Great looking glassware and more

When considering how to accessorize your home, you want to go with a theme and items that you love as these are features that may be on display for some time before undergoing a redecoration. Glassware is always a fantastic item to use as an accessory and is great in kitchens or bars. In this example, you get a mix of textures like raw stone surfaces along with wood, glass and color. This truly is a uniquely designed bar that is both beautiful and cleverly thought out.

5. Everything’s great with shelves

Shelving takes care of all your living room accessories, bedroom, dining and kitchen display needs. You can put more of your precious home accessories on display when you use shelves and combine them with books, and various other items. In this office, you cannot deny the sense of it being a personalized place to enjoy work in peace and quiet.

6. Neatly tucked and beautiful

Here’s another good use of home accessories on display featuring a stunning designed series of built-in bedroom shelves catering to the TV, books and other items that need their beauty displayed. While you could have regular shelves, this one seen here makes your accessories truly stand out pleasantly by almost being half tucked into the wall, while never failing to show all and impress. This is truly a beautiful way to introduce a unique feature wall as well as display your bedroom accessories.

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