How to bring summer vibes into your home? 6 color ideas!

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Summer is a fantastic season; it brings the opportunity to enjoy bathing in the sun, refreshing swims, pool parties and all the lively fun that a bright season like this can bring. Not only does it put certain people in a better frame of mind, it also gives you time to enjoy more outdoor activities. Sprucing up your home with vibey summer colors are a great way to keep things fresh and lively. You can get some top-notch help from skilled professional interior decorators and designers at homify for all your home décor needs. 

Another excellent thing about summertime and bright colors are that you don’t need a large space, in fact, even cozy interiors can pull off the summer décor look extremely well! The themed design can even filter on throughout the year with cleverly added colors to help introduce the next season while still keeping it light and fun.

1. Let the light in!

Glass has a great way of filtering light into your home, so large, unobscured glass windows and skylights are the perfect options. This is an especially great design idea if you’re sporting a neutral colored conservatory room and would still like to keep it vibrant and delightful. Glass also brings in the warmth of summer which is a great way to feel the sun extending into your home.

2. Simply the opposite of “feeling” blue

This blue themed setting is a wonderful aqua take to standard colors and is ideal since when we think of summer, we imagine blue skies and shimmering blue seas. Why not create a blue themed living space and settle into the cozy cheer of this versatile color.

3. Color it up with outdoor scatters

Now while colors are great on the inside, let’s not forget about the outdoors. Bright and colorful scatters not only create that vibrant summer’s day feeling, but it’s also a playful and cheery take on neutral colors. Summer decorating ideas like bright colored scatter cushions are affordable and often available in a variety of fabrics and colors.

4. Change the seating colors

There’s no rule that states dining and armchairs should match the table or window shutters. This is your opportunity to add some beautiful colors that contrast the color of the room itself, this is immediately eye-catching and beautiful.

5. Be bold with red summer vibes

While you may not have thought red to be the ideal summer color, in fact, nothing could be more wrong. Red is bright, bold and simply strikingly beautiful. It’s the ideal choice for your summer colors pallet.

6. A pop of sunny yellow

What’s summer décor without the yellows? Why not add some shades of yellow décor, and accessories to your living spaces for the perfect summer vibe feeling all season. This is a fantastic color for a feature wall, armchair color, scatter cushions or as yellow lanterns.

Why not go on and liven up your living spaces with amazing décor ideas and for every part of your home and create the perfect summer vibe setting.

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