Transitional style: what it is and how to capture it

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For a proper definition of transitional style, interior decorators will be the best bet, as they design with the genre in mind regularly, but a little visual explanation never goes to waste, which is why this guide has been put together. As a starting point, however, in essence, transitional design is all about a natural marriage of modern and traditional styles, to create a fresh and beautiful interior aesthetic. 

Modern traditional homes are such an eclectic collection of recognizable antique and old fashioned motifs, alongside charming contemporary installations. On paper, the bringing together of two elements that are so seemingly apposed to each other shouldn't work but in reality, the juxtaposition of old and new create a terrifically stylish and enjoyable finish. 

Traditional vs. transitional

Traditional decor and designs can be utterly charming, but for a real hybrid of style, transitional homes are the way forward and it all starts with the facade. This picture is a great example of what we mean, as an older property, built in the 60s, has been given a modern twist, with a natural wood cladding finish, combined with chic gray rendered elements. 

The whole look here creates quite a dialogue, not to mention a little confusion as well. Is it an old fashioned bungalow, or a strikingly modern home? It's both and that's the inherent joy of transitional styling. 

Transitional living room design ideas.

Living rooms are fantastically easy to decorate in a transitional way, as they naturally allow for some fabulous balances of both modern and more traditional elements. The best part is that homeowners can be as bold or cautious as they wish, choosing to be either very subtle about mixing the two different styles or going all out.

Modern traditional decor that defines transitional styling really seems to thrive when a mix of vintage furniture pieces, traditional building materials and contemporary textiles are all combined, to create a fascinating  traditional / contemporary aesthetic. This living room is a great example of such a mix, with exposed rustic stonework, modern sofas, antique rugs and luxurious fabrics. What a finished look it has created as well!

Transitional kitchen design ideas.

Just as living rooms can mix styles in a special and natural way, so too can kitchens, especially those with a more open-plan design that will allow dining furniture to get in on the action as well. Take a look at this amazing space and it will be obvious what we mean.

A traditional Shaker style of kitchen, finished in gloss white, has been modernized perfectly with some dramatic tiles, contemporary appliances and bold color accents. A dark wood floor has added a certain level of traditional glamor but is deftly contrasted with some rich blue seat pads and a marble kitchen countertop. The finished design is a gorgeous combination of identifiably traditional motifs, but with a more fashionable and striking edge. Perfection.

Transitional dining room design ideas.

Now here's a dining room that has taken the transitional design genre to a whole new level. With a timeless dining furniture set in place, showcasing the natural charm of Danish woodwork, all that was needed to support the more traditional elements in place was a huge antique rug. Add in some exceptionally modern wallpaper, a daring lower wall color and some unusual cultural pieces, such as the huge bronze Buddha statue and the eccentricity of the entire room simply oozes transitional style. 

The added bonus here is the hybrid light fixture. At first glance, it looks every inch an antique installation, but given the pastel finish and unusual dimensions, it has such a modern flair. 

Transitional bathroom design ideas.

It would be perfectly understandable to assume that if any room couldn't perfectly combine old and new design aesthetics into one cohesive style, it would be the bathroom, but how wrong that assumption would be, in reality! 

Most new bathrooms will strive to include the most contemporary suite items, for reliability and hygiene purposes if nothing else, but they can be beautifully balanced out with some more traditional facets as well. See here, the way a very modern shower, toilet and vanity unit have been matched with traditional wall tiles and antique sink hardware, so as to offer a rounded and well-considered finished look. It's impossible to actually date this bathroom, yet it works so astonishingly well. That's the joy of transitional design.

Transitional bedroom design ideas.

Finally, transitional styling and bedroom might not sound like a match  made in heaven, due to the functionality of a bedroom always needing to be geared to wards relaxation, but there is so much that can be done. What we really enjoy and admire about this room is that the architecture is wonderfully modern, even down to the style of glazing that has been installed, but with some traditional bedside tables, an understated bed and a natural fiber rug in place as well, there is a wonderful combination finish.

This bedroom really highlights the fact that transitional design can incorporate even more than just modern and traditional touches, as rustic elements can also be seamlessly interwoven as well. This means that the possibilities for personalization are endless and in turn, that leads us to assume that absolutely anyone could make transitional design work in their home.

Could transitional design be a wonderful way to update your home?

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