11 stylish art deco interior design inspirations for your home!

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The definition of Art deco is that of a magnificent era that has shaped the way we look at regular design by introducing a lavish sense of art and style for furniture, buildings, jewellery, clothes and even cars. The concept was first seen in France even before WWI and it showcased a unique sense of modernism and art that defied what the “norm” was back then. Get the help you need from passionate interior professionals right here at homify.  

Art deco interior design is a combination of bold design, art and architecture. It is sophisticated and glamorous and you too can have it part of your living spaces at home. It’s simple to achieve and wonderful for any sized home!

1. Great lighting in art deco interior style

You can do a lot with the correct lighting and because down-lights are so great, they can help you set the tone for your room and shed the right amount of light onto your paintings and other decorative pieces that you have on display, making them truly shine with excellence.

2. Roundtable inspired dining

The popular round table is a solid aspect of the 30th century and round edging in furniture wasn’t uncommon. So, with that said, a round dining table can be just the ideal piece of furniture to set the tone for your theme along with some exceptional artwork on the walls to exude even more of the period you’re going for.

3. Clean lines and neat finishes in your open-plan kitchen and dining area

Take a breath of fresh air with this less is more take, featuring clean, white walls offering an intro of color through minimalistic artwork. Open-plan is always a wonderful way to marry two spaces into one as seen here. Plus when using neutral colors, you can easily create your ideal living space with hints of art deco interior characteristics.

4. Retro office space

Retro is a great way to take something aged and making it brand new. Not to say that deco is old, its everything but old. Why not turn your workspace into this retro do-over featuring bold lighting, and neat touches of color by introducing a cleverly designed library shelf or shelves along with contemporary accessories.

5. Chic Renaissance lounging the art deco interior way

Deco Renaissance gives us a broad perspective to bold textures and fabric prints while not forgetting about fine art on the walls as well as strong mirror frames to carry the theme through. After all, the Renaissance was a special era that bridged the gap between The Age of Enlightenment and Modern Age. This gives you the chance to truly enjoy expressing the style in all its glory.

6. Edwardian inspired grandeur

Gorgeous Edwardian designed furniture can showcase that special grandeur of what this period was about, bold and strong structured. Wouldn’t it be great to retreat to this area of intellectual peace?

7. Chic and minimalistic

Few things set a room apart than that of a minimal, yet beautifully designed room. Getting the right balance of textures, colors and accessories is the basis of your perfect room. These factors can include but not be limited to unique lamps, nightstands, flooring and window shutters to name a few.

8. A touch of industrial and light

Art deco was all about the elements and this can be seen with the perfect combination of industrial interior structures, tastefully planned out, and touches of metallic finished light fixtures, and accessories to take you even closer to the perfect deco inspired room.

9. Sweet simplicity

Sometimes all it takes to make a strong impression is the simple, bare-minimum factors that create the foundation of everything we see. So go ahead and add a pop of color with bright furniture and blend that with simple frames on a smooth wall surface to give that air of delight.

10. Beauty in the eye of the beholder

While the term might seem familiar in fine art, with art deco, you can see a combination of many artistic aspects. Adding some intricate sculptures along with paintings, shiny metals, and great furniture can already set the tone for your deco theme.

11. Say it with fine art and modern furniture

While the deco era of the 1920’s and 1930’s was the epitome of artistic culture, you can take advantage of this by creating a living space that sports beautiful artwork that is both bold as well as abstract. Paired with your timeless pieces of art, you could add some glamorous furniture into the mix to support the look. Modern or contemporary furniture can play a major role in getting your ideal interior décor for your home.

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Do you have what it takes to turn your home into an unforgettable era?

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