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TV room – a ubiquitous part of every modern house. Despite the huge popularity of other media, tv continues to be the primary source of entertainment in our daily lives. Movie buffs adore it. Sports lovers cannot think of living without it. Those who prefer to stay updated about the affairs of the world cannot imagine staying long away from it.

Many houses decorate their living room in such a way that it serves the purpose of a media room as well. Those who want to have the pleasure of movie going right at home and can afford a space for that, build a dedicated home theatre. In either case building a media room requires maximum planning. This ensures,

- better viewing experience,

- appropriate use of every inch of available space without causing any clutter,

-  and necessary privacy to watch your favourite shows without disturbing the rest of the house.

So let us begin our discussion of decorating the tv room the right way.

TV cabinet, shelves or table

A tv cabinet is not only a chic accessory for the media room, but also an extra storage place for your home. With this in place, neat organisation of dvds, music system, periodicals and decorative items become an easy task. This tv cabinet by Livarea is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a contemporary setting. Shelves act as lightweight alternatives to traditional cabinets and they offer the same kind of facilities as well. Placing the tv on top of a side board or simple table is also an option. With tv becoming increasingly lightweight, mounting it on the wall has become somewhat of a norm in the last decade or so. Depending upon your tastes and the availability of space, you can explore any one of these options.

Position of the TV

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Media room
Martin Gardner Photography

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill

Martin Gardner Photography

A tv is a cynosure of all eyes, especially in a media room. How you place it is ultra important, because you may miss the pleasure of having a real cinema experience within the confinement of your house or apartment otherwise. Moreover, it has a great bearing on your health. Here are some of the pointers for you to keep in mind:

- Never place a tv above the viewers’ eye level. This causes severe stress on the eyes and back muscles. 

- Do not sit too close to it. You will hurt your eyes considerably. 

- Never place it in such way that natural or artificial light reflects on the screen. 

- Do not enclose the speakers in a cabinet. They will create a muffled sound. 

- If your room is not large enough do not waste time, energy and money on full surround sound.

Prepare the walls

For a quality tv room, music room or home cinema you need to take care of the acoustical nuances of the given space. Walls require comprehensive insulation, particularly when surround sound is installed. Install baffle walls as well. Baffle walls are nothing but faux wall planned to hold the speakers and improve the audio quality. They act as a screen hiding speakers and subwoofers creating an aesthetically pleasing home theatre. With these in place diffraction will be lower and. Absorbent coverings cloaking the baffle walls will help prevent sound reaching other parts of the building. Do not forget to upholster the baffle wall in a colour complementary to the rest of your media room.

Seating arrangement

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Cinema Room Folio Design Modern Media Room
Folio Design

Folio Design | The Cricketers | Cinema Room

Folio Design

For a simple tv room you can purchase a cosy and comfortable sofa decked up with snug cushions. You can check the current sofa trends to choose the best option according to your needs. A couple of chairs or stools can also be on one or either side of the sofa. For a home theatre however, you will require a little more elaborate seating arrangement. Home theatre recliners are the all season favourite. For a grand theatre like setting, select theatre recliners fully upholstered with genuine leather or velvet. Stadium seating and couches offer next best solutions. You can also combine two types of seating arrangements such as a couch with recliners or bar seating. Make sure all seats have a clear view of the screen. Ramp up the back row when possible. Bass response should be equal for each audience. Surround sound speakers should be at least 4 ft away from the audience.

Get the light right

For a proper theatre experience you need to get right kind of lighting. Recessed lighting, LED, fibre optic strips mounted in baseboards and ambient lighting are frequently used in a home cinema. You can go for wall scones specifically designed for home theatres. Simple scones with dimming functions is another choice worth looking into for a tv room. Track or ceiling lights with dimmer function help to set the right mood. Decorative lighting fixtures are also fine as long as they don’t reflect on the screen or distract the viewers in any way.

Rugs and curtains

Contemporary Classical Villa in Kemer Golf & Country Orkun Indere Interiors Modern Media Room
Orkun Indere Interiors

Contemporary Classical Villa in Kemer Golf & Country

Orkun Indere Interiors

Rugs and curtains are not mere decorative accessories of a tv room. They too help in increasing the acoustics of the room. By acting as a sound dampener, they ensure the rest of the house is not disturbed by the sound spilling over from this room. For this reason wall to wall carpeting is preferred in this space over a regular area rug. If you do wish to place a beautiful area rug you can do so on top of the plush underlying carpet. You can use a monochromatic carpet or one with abstract shapes. If space is on the smaller side, do not choose a busy motif. This may unnecessarily create a sense of clutter. Your cinema room is now ready. Invite you dear ones and, with a bucket of pop corn in hand, begin enjoying your favourite show.

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