Things to consider when choosing side tables

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Each and every furniture piece has their own function that's specially built for the home. From beds and sofas to chairs and tables, these home essentials play a certain role in any household interior. Today, we're featuring a prominent furniture piece that we often see by the bed, beside the couch, or anywhere in the house -- the side table. Side tables are functional furnishings that can look stylish too, but what are the things to be considered when choosing and positioning these lovely pieces? Check them out below!

The width matters.

BOON Side Table Regalraum UK Modern Living Room
Regalraum UK

BOON Side Table

Regalraum UK

Side table widths and diameters vary a lot too, from 10 inches (or sometimes even less) to 18 inches across, which is an ideal measurement. Anything smaller isn't quite as functional. If you're putting a standard-sized lamp on the table, you'll need one that's at least 22 inches in diameter. Remember, choosing the right width matters. 

One height doesn't fit all.

Amity side table Loaf Modern Bedroom

Amity side table


If you're using placing it beside a chair or sofa, a side table works best when it's no lower than an inch or two below the arm of the seat it's next to. A standard sofa arm is around 24 inches tall, so opt for a table about that height. If you're pairing a table with a chair that has a shorter arm, or if you want to use the table as a stool, pick one that's more like 16 to 20 inches. If it's going to serve as an entryway piece, one that's 27 to 30 inches tall is preferable. 

Placement is very important.

The number of side tables you need in a room depends on the amount of seating you have and the room's size. Any sofa or chair can have its own side table, or two seats can share one. Pictured above, a single side table looks perfect with the single accent chair. It would look unproportioned if you have one on each side, given only one chair.

Rounded side tables balance everything.

Hidey Ho side table Loaf Modern Bedroom

Hidey Ho side table


Round and oval tables are pretty much no-fail. They add another shape to a room that typically has a lot of rectangular pieces, like a sofa, coffee table and chairs.

Think about the surface.

Little Parker side table Loaf Modern Living Room

Little Parker side table


Ceramic, stone and glass tops are good for holding drinks since you don't need coasters. Wood- or fabric-top tables are fine for displaying knickknacks or resting books and remotes on. 

Side tables control clutter.

If you need extra storage space, choose one with an open shelf on the bottom to hold books or games, or one with a combination of shelves and doors to hide your DVDs or electronics. This specific side table showcased above features a two-door design that's clearly built for storage too. 

If you're needing of more storage ideas, click here!

Be bold.

Since side tables aren't the center of attention, you can be more daring with them than with big furniture. Getting bold with your side tables can range from choosing loud colors and patterns (of course, considering the furniture next to it) to unique shapes and designs. This one above is styled in a cute and modern approach!

Keep it simple too.

NEW coffee table and side table collection Loaf Living roomSide tables & trays

NEW coffee table and side table collection


For a living room with a lot of upholstered pieces, side tables that are sleek and simple are best welcomed. The table's clean lines balance out the other furniture's softness. Some smart choices: glass, acrylic, metal and wood without much carving. If your furniture is modern, you can go with something more ornate.

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