Wondering what to do with an extra room? 8 amazing ideas!

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In modern urban living, the paucity of space has forced contemporary housing to evolve with small sized home spaces that integrate functionalities. And in such a scenario, having an extra room is true luxury. There are plenty of spare room ideas that can be worked, based on the tastes & needs of the family members. One can have a library/ study, an extra bedroom, a guest room, a kids’ playroom, a small home-office, a recreation room, a private living room… .the list is endless. Enlisting the help of interior designers, a disused or empty room can be furnished as required, or even left as it is to be employed later on when needed.

All said and done, whether it is a spacious or even a small spare room, there exists a world of creative possibilities to give it a novel practicality. Read on for some useful spare room ideas and think about your space in an entirely new way!

An attic nook for lazing and/ or quiet contemplation.

Having an attic for a small spare room is a blessing because it gives a number of options for a homey private corner to have some me time with a hot cuppa & an interesting read, a quiet time just to clear your head & think things through or simply a time to unwind over some heart-to-heart with the loved ones. 

It is best to keep such a rejuvenating space free of excess furnishings & technology, and simply with cushy & comfortable seating that makes the most of any available view.

A bedroom for the children AND a future guest room.

Have adolescent children demanding their own private space at home? That hitherto unused empty room can be transformed into their bedroom-cum-study. And when they grow up, it can be conveniently converted into a guest room. Just move their belongings to the store-room, re-arrange the bed(s) as you desire and add some storage. How about that?

A media-room for leisure.

The spare room leading to that balcony could be easily made into a comfy media room where the family can get-together after a long hectic day to relax with some interesting flicks, delectables, soothing outside views and lots of warm, cordial banter. The fireplace is an added advantage.

A reading room.

If your idea of sinful indulgence is to sneak away and immerse yourself into the latest bestsellers,  this works the best for you. Organizing the invaluable reads by genre and including the most comfy seating possible, you have for yourself your own private haven with your beloved books all around. Arrange for the apt surface & wall lighting as well as overhead lighting to allow for the comfort of reading any time of the day or night. Throw in some puffs/ cushions, a snug recliner and handy reading light, and your reading nook is ready.

A living room-cum-recreation room.

Whether it is for that favorite morning routine of a cup of tea & the newspaper, some Yoga, stretching & meditating, or simply a refreshing game of billiards to recharge your batteries after a long day at work, an extra living-cum-recreation room with comfy furnishings like a cushy sofa, some floor cushions & throw pillows, a billiards table and light-controlled windows for shade/ bright sunshine depending upon your mood definitely counts among wonderful spare room ideas.

A home-gym.

A well-equipped home-gym is a great idea to utilize that small spare room sitting unused. Fitted with the latest exercising equipment, perfect lighting and ample beverage supplies to replenish the body fluids after a rigorous workout session, such a room at home is a manna from heaven for the fitness freaks.

A mini bar.

Like to entertain friends and family over the choicest drinks? A private bar is a good idea to convert the spare room into a lounging space where drinks and merriment go hand-in-hand. Add in a small sink, a refrigerator and an ice maker, and you are all set. The bar space can be closed off with doors that make it disappear when not in use. 

A home-office.

For those who are almost always bogged down by office work and must carry their work home as well, a home-office is a great option to fill that extra empty room. Furnishing it properly with sufficient cabinetry, comfortable work-station and a back-friendly chair to be an ally for those strenuous long working hours, a small home-office can be conveniently added to the home spaces. Some motivational pictures/ quotes on the walls can serve as useful decor pieces.

Still not sure about what to do with an extra room in your cozy home? Take a look at these spare room ideas for some more inspiration. You can also try out homify free consultation for some expert opinion.

How are you planning to utilize that spare room by the rear-side of your home?

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