Best of the week: 9 Instagrammable living rooms

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great living room is more than just the center of a home, it's the focal point where everybody seeks to convene and spend quality time together, while drinking in the stunning designs nuances and touches that make it something to really admire.

We all know that the staples of a brilliant living room are eye-catching and comfortable sofas, proportional layouts and a really definite theme, which is why we've scoured our archives and found nine absolutely fabulous lounges that are perfect Instagram fodder. After all, if you're not snapping pictures of your living room and putting them on social media, in a bid to be the next big interior design blogger, is it really finished and perfect?

1. Pastel perfection.

Light, bright and just so staggeringly airy, this wonderfully refreshing living room is the last word in trendy pastel usage! A dark wood floor offers the perfect contrasting base that makes white walls and furniture really pop and sparkle and then there's the rug and curtains! A smattering of pastel scatter cushions and a well-chosen plant really finish the glittering aesthetic to perfection. 

If you're planning to Instagram, we'd suggest using the #pastellife and #prettyinpastels hashtags.

2. Terrifically traditional.

What a gorgeous home! Taking full advantage of the period features, such as the sash windows and heritage fireplace, the wider living room design scheme has been masterfully curated to have a traditional vibe. Stripped wood flooring, high-backed armchairs, inset shelving and antique furniture items, such as that amazing tea chest coffee table, really do look the part. Some well placed art has worked wonders too!

For those all-important Instagram posts, use the #vintagehome and #retrohome hashtags.

3. Brilliantly bold.

WOW! Not only are the colors here utterly brazen in their boldness, but the way they work together is so inspired! Black can be a notoriously difficult color to get right in a living room, but by taking a more unashamedly eclectic route, it works really well and if anything has tied it all together, it has to be the floor! Such an unusual choice, but glossy black and white checked tiles are definitely worth considering.

The all-important Instagram hashtags for a living room like this, really need to be #backtoblack and #downtherabbithole.

4. Rambunctious with rattan.

The days of exclusively using rattan furniture outside the home are well and truly over and this living room is all the proof you need! Adding such a delightfully bohemian vibe, not to mention a little 70s twist, the rattan chairs here are the perfect companion for smooth floors and fluffy rugs, while adding some contrast to the more standard sofas. Even the light fixture looks as though it's been transported in from the past! Groovy baby!

Looking for the right hashtags for a living room like this one? Try #70sdecor and #bohohome.

5. Exuding elegance.

What a sleek and self-contained set-up! A combination living and dining room really is making the most of the space and by sticking to a monochrome scheme, this is a design scheme that will never date or look old fashioned. Perfect for a stylish couple that love to entertain, the extra touch of selecting eye-catching light fixtures has really elevated the whole look to an exceptionally high standard.

Hashtags for an elegant living room like this should be along the #monochromedesign and #perfectforparties line.

6. Creative comfort.

There's a lot to be said for taking the road less traveled, in terms of living room design nuances and this space is a wonderful combination of retro sofas, bright colors, modern tables and ultimate luxury in the form of deep-pile carpets. It would have been so tempting to fill this large room with more furniture than was actually needed, but by staying true to a more spacious layout, there is a terrifically relaxing vibe.

This living room would see a lot of traffic on Instagram if the hashtags #incolorfulcompany and #eclecticinterior were used.

7. Vintage verve.

Some homes naturally accept a more vintage design aesthetic and this is definitely one of them! The living room has been finished in a sunny yellow and accessorized to perfection with large shelving, Danish-style coffee tables and the star of the show; an opulent velvet chesterfield sofa. The bright pops of color really help to highlight the more vintage design touches and offer such amazing photo opportunities.

To showcase a living room like this one, we think you'd do well to use the #luxurylivingroom and #danishfurniture hashtags.

8. Old and new together.

Living rooms like this one are hard to tear your eyes away from, because every single part of the room offers up something new and exciting to admire. From a huge hand-carved coffee table through to a reclaimed leather sofa, vibrantly-upholstered armchairs and a dramatic central lighting fixture, this is such a wonderfully integrated yet individual space that would be charming to spend an evening in.

We'd be tempted to use the hashtags #mastercarpenter and #gorgeousingray, if we were Instagramming this room!

9. All that glitters.

It's no secret that metallic touches and understated grays are enjoying a serious surge in popularity right now, which means that this living room is bang on trend. Add in a suitably oversized piece of wall art that really dominates the space and what you have is a modern room that exudes a huge amount of character and elegance. The retro styling of each piece of furniture really helps to amplify the impact of the rich gold hues.

Thinking baout a similar living room scheme for your home? Make sure that you use the #allthatglittersisgold and #modernretro hashtags.

For even more incredible living room inspiration, why not take a look at this Ideabook: Luxury living room storage furniture you'll love!

Are you longing for a living room that you can let the world see?

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