8 homey bedroom ideas that will match your style

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As any individual's sane sanctuary, the bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house that needs to feel cozy and homey. This room where we sleep, rest, and relax doesn't only exist to serve its function, but also to showcase style and comfort at its best. A homeowner's personality and own sense of style should be reflected in his or her bedroom, thus, creating the perfect, cozy bedroom is a must. Check out our list of 8 stylish bedrooms!

1. A little bit of everything

First on the list is this chic and posh bedroom design that offers us a lot of elements. From plains and patterns to subtle and bold colors to even wood and textile contrasts, this bedroom is truly exceptional! Accent and task lighting fixtures flourish all throughout the room that highlight certain lovely areas. The letter blocks used for decor also add character to the room. 

2. Vacation bedroom

Turn your plain bedroom into a vacation setting with this resort-like bedroom design! The palette maximizes the use of white to create a fresh and bright feeling, and touches of pinks and green to bring color to the room.

3. Modern appeal

Another homey yet sleek design, this bedroom features a minimalist approach to interior designing. The bedroom boasts its timid colors and minimal furniture pieces. What stands out is the wall decor that screams pure modern style. 

4. Country chic

You can never mess with wood. Wood simply has this aesthetic appeal that instantly creates warmth and a homey feeling to any room. This bedroom design features a lot of wooden details that bring the country chic vibe altogether! From the floors and furniture to the back board painted in white, wooden elements beautify all over the bedroom.

5. Tropical vibes

There is never too much of flowers and greenery in this room. It's a lot, but certainly not overwhelming. In fact, the multiple plant decor and huge wall painting blends perfectly and produces a totally tropical themed bedroom! And it's not like any other tropical rooms where you see a of blues and greens as seen in the tropics. This bedroom oozes in femininity with its old rose palette.  

6. Chic and functional

Bedrooms not only need the sense of style that highlights your personality, but also require smart storage-saving designs that tie up the whole homey feel of the room. This cool bedroom design features a customized area for storage optimization that not only serves its purpose, but also acts as decor and design to the room!

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7. Romantic look

Canopy beds add a certain classic touch to any bedroom. Hang drape or sheer curtains to the rods and you have yourself the ultimate romantic-inspired bedroom. This homey design really embodies a resort vibe that brings a fresh and breezy feel to the room!

8. The all-around bedroom

Check out this superb bedroom design -- you got yourself a bed space, a work and study area, and even a little living space where you can also decorate your shelves with books and valuables! Clearly, this bedroom was specially designed by a professional interior architect with a smart layout that fits all your needs. 

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