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It might sound a little strange, but office guest room ideas are fast becoming a seriously popular addition to any modern home. Really, it does make sense, given how much the creative industries have grown in recent years, resulting in far more people working from home, but not everybody has enough space for an office and separate guest room, which is why combination installations are so popular now.

Making the decision to create a guest room office is a sensible and cost-effective one, but there doesn't have to be compromised for either functionality. Day to day, a combination home office can be as practical as any other, with a dedicated work space and enough storage for effective filing, while guests will be able to enjoy exorbitant amounts of comfort at just the unfurling of a day bed. 

If it's proving difficult to picture how a guest bedroom and office combination could actually work, this guide has a wealth of suggestions for getting the perfect balance of comfort, style and functionality. We're being absolutely serious when we say that a guest suite/office set-up is going to seem very attractive by the end of this article.

Make one aspect the defining focus.

While it's a nice idea to try and create a perfect balance of guest room comfort and practical work space, there's no harm in giving more priority to whichever functionality will be needed most. With that in mind, very particular furnishings and storage can be selected to showcase which element is more necessary.

If residents of a house work from the property as well, naturally, the office element will be of far greater importance, which is when a large built-in work space will come in handy and create a terrifically stunning focal point. All that would be needed to add in some guest comfort is a transformable seat or sofa and when budgets become a defining issue, futons are exceptionally good value for money.

Don't overlook classic design motifs.

Though on the face of it, a home office and guest room combination space sound like a very modern idea that would require all manner of exciting transforming furniture, it is more than possible to enjoy a very classic and elegant finish. Just look at this finished room as proof undeniable of that claim.

An antique hardwood desk, dark walls and leather sofa have all created a terrifically authoritative and professional working environment, but by simply choosing a vintage-style sofa bed, the room can instantly become a decadent and impressive guest bedroom as well. Nobody would ever complain about having been 'shoved in the office' if they had to sleep in here.

Office daybed decorating ideas work well.

Now here's a guest room and office combination that can offer some fantastic design inspiration. While there is demonstrably enough storage for even the busiest home office, it's the large daybed that has really stolen the show, by offering untold comfort for any and all guests, be they expected or not. 

By adding some pretty cushions and homey lamps, not to mention a fluffy rug, there is an underlying sense of luxurious comfort and relaxation that is so often lacking in a professional space. Really, only a small desk is needed, so if regular guests are anticipated, it makes perfect sense to prioritize a large daybed that can be a sofa during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

Try a little era-specific decorating.

It might sound like a complicated endeavor, combining a guest bedroom and home office into one space, while also staying true to a specific era, but it's more than possible. A mid-century modern look, in particular, can work absolutely beautifully, as this picture shows.

Teak wood furniture, an elegant sofa bed and some stylish armchairs can masterfully combine a stunning aesthetic with plenty of professional office usability and functionality and by adding in just one striking rug, there is a blurred line between work and home design styling.

What about a self-contained annex?

Guest annexes are enjoying a real surge in popularity right now and it's not hard to see why. While it's always charming to welcome people to stay, it can be nice to maintain individual privacy and spaces and the same can go for home offices as well.

Ask any self-employed home-workers and they'll tell you that trying to separate home and work life can be a never-ending nightmare, but with a self-contained office annex, it is so simple to turn the lights off at the end of a long day, lock the door and retreat to the sanctity of the homestead. Making an annex perform double-duty in the form of an office AND guest room, nobody will ever feel put upon.

Small office guest room ideas.

Not everybody has a large space to play with, which is why creative interior design needs to come into play. Something as simple as a mezzanine floor could provide the answer, or even a large landing, as once a definite design scheme has been put in place, nobody will question it.

Here, a mezzanine has been fully kitted out with not only office furniture, but also a stylish sofa bed and being up on a higher level, privacy would still be maintained for guests. This obviously wouldn't be a solution for a growing household, but infrequent guests would be more than comfortable in a space like this.

Keep it simple and minimal.

Combining two rooms into one can lead to a messy, cluttered and ambiguous finish, which why a healthy dose of minimalism can go a very long way. By installing a desk, armchair and simple fold-out bed only, whatever the room is being used for at any one point, it will never feel as though too many functionalities are being accounted for. In terms of home office design, this is doubly-recommended, as the fewer distractions there are, the better.

Perhaps there are even more rooms that could be doubled-up?

Are you definitely considering a combination home office now?

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