13 stunning apartments in New York

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It's not going to come as a huge shock that New York is filled with architects and interior designers that are utterly phenomenal at their jobs and adept at creating unique, striking and intrinsically covetable homes for their clients, but how often do you see some of their best work collated together? Well today, we're going to showcase 13 of our all-time favorite New York apartments that are more than just beautifully located; they are also amazingly adaptable and could all be perfect family homes

We'll be focusing on the main living areas for the purpose of this article, so get ready to see some seriously incredible living rooms and kitchens,  as open-plan interiors are a much-used motif that allows for better use of precious space. Home envy will be descending in T-minus five seconds…

1. Soho penthouse.

Modern with a touch of industrial flavor, this open-plan apartment is everything that New York homes are portrayed as being in the mainstream media. Sleek furniture pieces and organic wood flooring looks so symbiotic together and the gleaming stainless steel kitchen? What a triumph!

2. East 69th Street apartment.

Chic with a side order of retro, this is a seriously elegant apartment that looks as though it has been transplanted directly from the Mad Men studio set! The entire apartment here is phenomenal and has put dark wood to impressive use. You won't believe the amount of storage this home has.

3. Park Avenue duplex.

We all know that a duplex costs a serious amount of money in New York, but this one must have come with a staggering price tag! Just look at how light, bright and contemporary it is! The saying goes that less is more and in the case of this apartment, less furniture and solid walls definitely means more money spent! What a view as well. 

4. Fifth Avenue apartment.

Fifth Avenue if without a doubt one of the classiest and most exclusive residential areas of New York and this home is absolutely fit for the royalty that could easily live here. The bold monochrome floor tiles add a huge dose of vibrancy and fun, before a high-end and sprawling living room opens up. Serious wow factor!

5. Upper East Side apartment.

Elegant, arty and all about the view (which is framed via a multitude if fantastic square windows not seen here), this apartment is everything that we'd love to own and relax in. A neutral scheme has been perfectly emphasized with some piquant teal additions and with a double lounge set-up, there is NO shortage of space here.

6. Brooklyn loft.

Bold colors, industrial ducting, antique textiles and a mezzanine level might not sound like matches made in home heaven, but this is Brooklyn! Making for the ultimate in open-plan eclectic spaces, the unpredictable styling choices are only overshadowed by the simply breathtaking view of the New York skyline. 

7. Perfect penthouse.

If something a little more understated, pared back and simple is what appeals to you, then we think this gorgeous gray penthouse apartment is going to really tempt you! A lovely combination of heritage motifs, such as wall panelling and moe contemporary touches, like the inset ceiling spotlights, this is a hybrid home that just won't quit… being impressive.

8. West 52nd Street apartment.

When an apartment is as fortunately situated as this one, there's little need for much in terms of interior design, but what a dramatically different and creative aesthetic there is here! With plenty of diversity in the furniture choices, sheer window dressings and a warm wooden floor in place, somehow, the body of this apartment actually manages to grab all the attention!

9. Brooklyn revamp.

You'd never know that this apartment was left to fall into a state of disrepair and style disaster! Gorgeous rustic wood forms the central structure and focus of the design ethos here and there's a very workshop-like aesthetic going on. Great for a creative homeowner, we can imagine a really talented graphic designer living here and feeling inspired by the juxtaposition of contemporary decorating finishes in an old building.

10. Noho duplex.

Now THIS is an apartment clearly made for socializing. With a brightly lit and open-plan top floor in place, showcasing what we can only describe as a STUNNING minimalist kitchen, we can imagine that the duplex was bought and renovated with partying specifically in mind. The antique structural columns really add a little interest as well and show why New York apartments are so perpetually intriguing.

11. Noho family apartment.

The thing that really appealed to us about this apartment is the clear family-friendly design scheme. Some piquant color, easy transitions between functional areas and a real focus on seating all combine to make what could have been an inaccessible-looking apartment into a really cozy and enjoyable home. A mezzanine floor and ultra dark wood flooring make sure that the luxurious elements aren't forgotten though!

12. Empire State Building apartment.

Few locations can compete with this one! Standing in the literal shadow of the Empire State Building, this luxury apartment has been kept simple, chic and deceptively modest. The muted color scheme, with hues inspired by nature, looks incredible and the ambient lighting, standalone fireplace and deep seating is all making us as green as the walls, envy-wise.

13. Laight Street duplex.

Let's end on a high note or, in this case, the ultimate in duplex notes! Making the most of every recognizable New York apartment motif, such as exposed brick walls, statement lighting and retro furniture, this apartment is something else and definitely qualifies as an aspirational home. The daring use of lime green looks so refreshing and fun and while this is an incredibly expensive property, it doesn't look as though it takes itself too seriously or as if it is out of reach, which is so charming!

Don't be afraid to click and enjoy a little more New York-based inspiration!

What would you give to live in one of these inspirational apartments?

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