Trends of 2018: 13 amazing kitchen backsplash ideas

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Gone are the days when the kitchen backsplash was considered secondary to the kitchen island and kitchen countertops. With constant evolution of contemporary housing, kitchen planners are experimenting more & more with innovative kitchen designs, and kitchen backsplash is among the most important elements that play a key role in pimping up the kitchen. Be it wall decals, traditional ceramic tiles, metal, porcelain tiles, wallpaper or terracotta tiles, a good deal of thought & planning are invested for the most befitting options of materials and design. 

This article offers you 13 wonderful kitchen backsplash ideas that represent the style trends 2018 brings forth. Have a closer look and pick your favorites to take home!

Kitchen backsplash with added utility.

A simple, glossy glass backsplash (as shown) with concealed lighting can conveniently be given more utility by incorporating a transparent glass rack. Such an arrangement fits well into the design scheme and also adds to it.

Underlights illuminate the mosaic tiles.

Lights on the underside of the storage cabinets illuminate the jazzy mosaic tiles, accentuating their neutral hues to inject a sober dash of color into the elegant setting.

Marble wall.

The conventional kitchen wall serves as the backsplash here. Full of old-world charm and with a rustic touch of utility, the gray-white marble wall with the mounted pair of custom iron florist's shelves contributes to the fluid palette besides adding ample visual appeal to it.


The gray paint on the glass subway tiles fits in effortlessly into the neutral palette adorning the minimalism of this modular kitchen. Complementing the butcher block topped island beautifully, the gray subway tiles represent a modish yet graceful kitchen backsplash.

Glass tile.

The radiant glass tile backsplash sitting pretty in this transitional white shore kitchen is a contemporary element in this classic kitchen design. Contrasting well with the black & gray tiled vertical panel forming the backdrop of the stainless steel extractor hood, the fetching kitchen backsplash is further illuminated by the underlighting of the overhead cabinetry.

Glossy stone tiles.

White & gray marble, plentiful sheen and oodles of visual appeal—these sum up the beauty of this stone tiled kitchen backsplash. Beautifully contrasting with the lovely granite countertop and visually in harmony with the off-white walls & cabinetry, this simple but striking kitchen backsplash is timeless.

Futuristic metal.

This modern customized kitchen/pantry boasts of an avant-garde stainless steel installation for the cooking area, with everything in metal. The well-lit metallic backsplash makes a style statement, offering a chic contrast with the bamboo wood & white solid surfaces.

Square tiles in white- evergreen.

The walls, countertops and the kitchen backsplash are all uniformly bedecked in gleaming white square tiles. The uniform design lends an elegant visual harmony & a coherent charm and also conveys the ease with which such an engaging backsplash can be copied sans hassles on a budget. And of course, the wood & white combo is ageless!

Contrasting kitchen backsplash with square tiles.

Presenting a visually sound contrast with the granite countertops as well as with the plywood cabinetry bearing maple doors, this green, small square tiled narrow backsplash offers a voguish suggestion with its lighter tonality. 

Marble accents for country-chic kitchen backsplash.

This spacious French country-style bright kitchen has white marble walls which double up as the backsplash that contrasts alluringly with the dark hued lower cabinets and the warm hardwood flooring. This backsplash adds an elegant look with a modern vibe. Marble countertops lend a trendy feel.

Kitchen backsplash reflecting poise.

This built-in classic yet swish kitchen boasts of the ritzy backsplash with dark colored reflecting tiles which are further pimped up by the illumination.

Big stone slabs—sturdy AND sassy.

The large stone slabs with a rugged finish exude a modern look of simple sophistication without any loud design. A wonderful idea for a simplistic kitchen backsplash, the gray-white stone slabs pack an enduring punch of absolute style on a budget.

Simple white wall as kitchen backsplash.

The white kitchen wall continues as the no-frills backsplash that looks dapper in its simplicity,  in line with the open format, clean lines & simple details comprising the design of this modern home.

If you wish to explore a bit more for inspiration before you go for a kitchen makeover, take a look at these modern kitchens.

Which kitchen backsplash ideas hit home with you for your next revamp?

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