Craftsman Style Houses: Cozy Family Homes with Exceptional Beauty

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Craftsman style houses became very popular in Canada from late 19th century. The design of the craftsman homes were heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movements in either side of the Atlantic. Since then craftsman style houses have undergone many changes. This type of dwellings can help you design a cozy family home with unique charm.

What is a craftsman house?

Wondering, “what is a craftsman house?” Let us assure you there is no dearth of craftsman bungalows in Canada and you have seen one too. British Columbia and Ontario are home to a number of craftsman bungalows. They are not exactly sparse in other parts of the countries. The following craftsman house characteristics will easily help you spot a home like this the next time you see one of them.

Craftsman house characteristics

Craftsman homes are built in all kinds of sizes. You will see cozy craftsman dwellings with a living area of less than 600 square feet as well as more spacious craftsman buildings with more than 2000 square feet living area in various parts of the country. However, original craftsman style houses were built as a cozy single family home and rarely exceeded 1500 square feet living area.

Craftsman bungalows are almost always built from locally available materials. Canadian craftsman homes are defined by their use of solid wood and stone. This type of dwellings is generally not built more than a story high. But in the mountainous terrains or flood plains you find these houses hoisted over a platform supported by rafters. One of the major craftsman house characteristics is their gable roofing system. This type of roofing discourages the building up of snow in winter and stagnant water after a heavy shower.

Craftsman houses interiors

Craftsman houses interiors are always decorated with organic and sustainable materials like natural wood and stone. Historically, these materials were sourced locally. However, this practice has been discontinued in the last few decades. You may easily find materials sourced from other parts of the globe in your craftsman style dwelling. The interior of the craftsman houses are also defined by their simple rustic charm. Many houses built in this fashion have large windows. The architects try to make optimal use of natural light and air in their design. Modern craftsman buildings also have a spacious patio to sit down and relax with friends and family members.

Craftsman style furniture

Craftsman style furniture is hand carved from natural wood. The owners of Canadian homes make extensive use of timber from alder, birch, cedar and beech. Those from British Columbia generally favor solid wood types like oak, pine and maple. Use of natural wood makes intricate designs more feasible. Unique design and intricate motifs are the hallmarks of handcrafted furniture. Wooden furniture is extremely durable. Due to the warm color and varied tone of natural wood, designing a very inviting living becomes easy.

Craftsman dwellings favor uncluttered and minimalist décor. You will hardly find pieces of furniture that are not being used in any way in a craftsman home. The wooden furniture is protected with varnish. Use of wrought iron, especially for outdoor furniture, is not so uncommon. Rattan furniture has gained in popularity in the recent time. It could be used to decorate a stylish craftsman dwelling as well.

Craftsman floor plans

Craftsman floor plans are characterized by their simplicity. A two bedroom home having about 1500 square feet living area is designed with a spacious family room and master bedroom. A secondary bedroom, not bigger than 150 square feet, is also included in the floor plan. The house is designed with a generously proportioned kitchen and dining area. A small porch, two small bathrooms and a two car garage complete the basic house plan.

Larger houses that boast of more than 3000 square feet living area are generally designed with four bedrooms. The number may vary depending on the requirements of the family. Apart from the master bedroom which often exceeds 200 square feet space, the house is designed with a guest room and kid’s room. Once again, the exact plan may vary depending on the requirements of the prospective house owner. This type of houses are generally spread over two different floor levels.  

The ground floor level is occupied by the spacious living room, home office, kitchen and dining area. A powder room and shower room is also designed in the ground floor level. A two car garage is built adjacent to the building, in the basement or on the front yard. Larger craftsman homes are built with complex gable roofing system. This in itself gives the house a very interesting look. The façade is decorated with several different materials including natural wood, stone and metal.

Craftsman style house colors

Earthy tones dominated by shades of brown, beige, mild yellow and white are highly favored in a house decorated in a craftsman fashion. Natural wood induces warmth in the ambience. You may also use a livelier shade like bright orange and red as an accent tone. But do so sparingly to keep the décor understated in true craftsman style. Many homeowners also like to use pale grey in the interiors. It infuses a Scandinavian character in the interior.

Tips for craftsman home designs

Some homeowners prefer choosing pre-conceived plans for their craftsman dwelling. This type of plans is quicker to execute. It is possible to complete this type of a building within a budget. However, if you wish to have some special features in your craftsman home, don’t hesitate to ask your architect for the same. Often you will be charged extra for such design modifications. But it is better not compromise on the beauty and comfort of your proposed house, especially since these are not recurrent cost that you need to worry about. 

Always choose quality materials for building your home. Quality materials don’t need to be expensive options. High quality materials ensure safety and durability of the structure. You also avoid the recurrent costs of renovating the house. While making plans for your dream house, keep the climate of the space in mind. Choose a design that feels comfortable and airy in every season. 

Invest in proper home insulation. This would have a positive effect on your energy bills. Besides being energy efficient, a properly insulated home is also more comfortable to live in. Think of having alternate sources of energy. Install solar photovoltaic cells to power the garden lighting and indoor lighting and electrical fixtures.

Garden for craftsman style buildings

Don’t forget to invest some time and money to design a beautiful small garden in the front yard and backyard of your building. Carefully designed front yards make the façade of your home look all the more exquisite. Try to design a rustic garden. When space is not a constraining factor design a garden pond on the backyard. 

You may also consider investing in a swimming pond and enjoy the dual benefits of taking a cool splash in it whenever necessary and having a lily pond at the same time. Swimming ponds are great options for your garden ecosystem and will increase the charm of your craftsman dwelling.

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