13 homes with stunning spacial transitions

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Homes that can master the transitions between inside and outside spaces really do have it all, which is why interior designers and architects alike try to bring a little cohesive interplay into effect, wherever possible. We know that welcoming the outdoors inside can sound like a tricky process, which is why we want to show you a host of fantastic houses that have managed it with such aplomb that you'll be horrified that you haven't thought about doing the same before! 

From dining room extensions that create a natural dialogue with the garden through to bedrooms defined exclusively by their views, you're going to find amazing inspiration here to make your family home or contemporary apartment connect to the great outdoors in a whole new way!

1. Located in nature.

This conservatory is the perfect way to start our inspiration article, as it is so beautifully grounded within the wider setting of the garden! With the doors open, it doesn't feel as though this is an indoor space whatsoever, which is the genius of the architectural design!

2. Opposites attract.

Look at the amazing yin and yang nature of this home. Two dining areas have been located so close to each other, but they are opposing ends of the same spectrum, inline with whether they are inside or outside of the home! The rustic exterior table highlights the polished element of the interior installation so wonderfully.

3. Accessorized with the view.

Check out the way that the wider setting of the garden has been brought inside this charming little dining conservatory! With ornamental little bird cages and a fabulous floral centerpiece in place, there is a very intrinsic relationship between the view and the inner functionality.

4. Surprising connections.

It's so easy to get caught up thinking that only communal or sociable spaces will benefit from a connection to nature but it makes such sense that a bedroom would be spectacular, when opened up to the natural world. In warmer months, this would be a great way to ventilate and in winter, you'd get the benefit of more natural sunlight and the positivity that brings. Charming!

5. Basking in beauty.

Speaking of bedrooms that love a view, just check out this fantastic design! A pared back space leads gently out onto a wide and spacious terrace that is simply drenched in sunlight and framed by glorious greenery. The result is a terrifically restorative and relaxing vibe that is ideal for any master bedroom. 

6. Naturist at heart.

Wow! It takes a bold and confident person to be able to contemplate a bathroom that can be opened up to connect with the garden but we are SO in love with this idea! Talk about making a standard bathroom into more of a high-end spa, in the best possible way! The warm decking here really helps to add some softness to the cool gray bathroom suite.

7. Sociable and sunny.

Is this a patio or a dining room? Well, it's both! Looking every inch like an dal fresco space thanks to the blinds and sliding doors, there's a really definite design scheme at play here that is bring all the joy of summer dining in the garden into a pretty home. We like the patio style furniture too.

8. Panoramic and pretty.

Have you seen anything as unabashedly connected to nature as this dining room? Encased in panoramic glass, every panel is a slice of natural artwork and helps to really make diners forget that physical barriers are in place. We can imagine it being even more dramatic at night, if the garden has proper lighting in place!

9. Opened-up to nature.

It's no secret that a home that can connect to the garden will really benefit families and here, you can see what a loving and safe space the connectivity encourages. While kids play in the garden, adults can still be a part of the fun and not just that; the living room feels utterly enormous too! The whole finish is so inclusive.

10. Material connectivity.

This is a clever design for two reasons. Firstly, the use of glass and sliding doors makes for an easy and breezy connection to the outdoors, but then, the interior materials really replicate the natural world outside. Organic wood definitely mirrors exterior materials, but in a more polished and accomplished way, which leads to a harmony that is hard to beat.

11. Beauty on the inside.

What makes this design so special? The fact that chunky black framework materials were used for the extension, so as to frame either the inside or outside spaces, depending on where you are standing. Creating art and blurring the line between interior and exterior living spaces, this is such a winner.

12. Instant transformation.

Choosing to install windows that can be slid open to expose a corner section here has made for an unusually modern yet all-inclusive transition that really beckons the outside to come in and play. Simple furnishing allows the garden to accessorize the room and the levels of elegance are staggering.

13. A bright spark.

When sunlight meets bright white walls, the dazzling display is impossible to ignore and because it is so amiable and natural, it makes for a home that radiates happiness and positivity from the inside, out. We love that you can, effectively, open the entire side of the house as well. What a transformation opportunity!

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