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The living room is the centerpiece of your home and naturally commands a lot of attention, given how much time is spent in it, so you absolutely need to know that your aesthetic is spot on. The question is, what design nuances to do you feel really akin to? Any professional interior designer will be able to craft you a perfect living room, but it's up to you to make it known what style you want to see, so how about we give you some serious inspiration? We've picked a few of our all-time favorite genres to showcase today, so grab a chair and let's talk aesthetics!


Scandinavian design is so perfect for living rooms as it is naturally fresh, bright and so incredibly restorative! Beautifully muted tones are often accented with occasional color pops and natural wood always plays a pivotal role in the finished look, which is why incredible parquet flooring is such a great idea! We always like to see a retro furniture leg shape as well, which Scandinavian living rooms showcase in a big way.


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Living Room


Cozy, snug and terrifically warm, thanks to an intrinsic sense of nostalgia that is always engineered in, rustic living rooms have a spectacular roster of materials to choose from. You'll normally find some exposed bricks or stone, natural wood, some suede or leather and of course, an open fire or woodburner. Oh, and soft lighting is a must also, as it can create a terrific evening ambience.


For homes that enjoy a warmer climate, we think that few design finishes work as well as colonial. Defined through the use of decorative dark wood furniture, smooth stone flooring, wicker and rattan, the finished vibe is a mix of rustic and outdoor feelings, which works so well. For a more traditional colonial look, you definitely want to invest in some ceiling fans!


You might think that the style of your home's architecture could fully dictate the way you decorate, but this space is a perfect example of shunning expectations to great effect. The room here is rustic by nature, but a mix of farmhouse and ultra contemporary furniture, alongside something of a slightly minimalist nuance as well, has created a fantastically eclectic end result that we just think works a treat!


At first glance, it's not instantly obvious that this living room has a more retro feel going on, but when you start assessing each furniture piece, in its own right, it becomes a little clearer. A Chesterfield foot stool, wingback armchairs and chic sofas really come together to make for a multi-layered and multi-era finish that has a lot of charm and character.


Hey man, don't be a square! Maybe something a little more bohemian in flavour would work well for your new living room design? Think about low furniture, chilled textiles and, if you really want to commit, something unusual, like a hammock! The lovely thing about a more relaxed design scheme is that anything, within reason, can go and you can experiment with some DIY additions too.


Finally, we had to give a little nod to minimalism, as it makes for such a strikingly sleek and relaxing living room space. You don;t need to simply strip everything out of your home to get the look though, as streamlining and editing is the key. Think about neutral colors, natural materials and working alongside a definitively 'less is more' mindset.

For a little more living room style advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 19 ideas to maximize your living room.

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