Add practical flair to your home with curtains: 9 amazing examples

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Curtains are humble furnishing elements that are often overlooked as potential utility pieces apart from their basic function as a screen for windows & doors. But as contemporary housing is evolving constantly, so is the functionality of various furnishing elements with multi-functionality & innovativeness increasingly being explored. Room decorators & interior designers are experimenting more & more with the conventional furnishings to lend that extra edge to the spaces- both in the interior as well as exterior of the home. Tables, walls, curtains, etc. are being given added practicalities to bedeck the living spaces.

Be it the bedroom, living room, conservatory, media room or even the covered terrace, curtains can inject functional poise in more ways than just as a screen. Whatever be the style of design, the material, color, & texture of the curtain influence the overall look of the room as well as the light intensity within the room. Depending upon where it is placed, a curtain can add a lot to the room. Sounds interesting? Check out this homify story that walks you through 9 wonderful examples where curtains do much more than what they are usually employed for… ..


Would you like to catch the latest flick as you snuggle up to your furry companion, lazing in comfy daylight filtering in through the partly drawn heavy curtains?


White curtains complement the classic sheen of black & white in a radiant ambiance, perfectly.


Beige curtains complete the fetching look in this Asian style lounge; just draw the curtains & enjoy a cozy banter as you relish your drink!


Augmenting the regal vibes in this ritzy sanctum, these heavy drapes inject oodles of homey restfulness. Watsay?


These 2 layers of translucent screen add sleek modishness alongside allowing for ample natural light & nice views for refreshing leisure.


Floor-to-ceiling lilac finesse visually enhances this luminous, plush haven of repose besides ringing in plentiful sophistication.


Letting in natural illumination to light up this reading nook, the two layers of curtains also bring in a soft pop of style into the classy aura.


Diaphanous drapery offers a decorative silky screen, allowing the envelope of natural goodness to add a palliative stance for family gatherings on this industrial patio.


These curtains let the pleasing glow of daylight warm up the interiors while blocking out the harsh sun; draw them & open the glass doors to enjoy the cool breeze & soothing greens as you please!

How do curtains pimp up your snug home?

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