15 wonderful floor ideas for your patio & the garden

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This homify article will offer you 15 great floor ideas that you can employ in the outdoor spaces like the garden, the courtyard, the patio and even at the entrance of your home. Of late, professional experts & homeowners are going all out to experiment with materials, styles, shapes, finishes, textures and colors to lend their home spaces that extra designer edge. Custom floor designs are increasingly becoming popular for outdoor spaces, and depending on what you need & the image you want in your exterior environments, a variety of options can be selected from. Be it a luxurious appeal, a minimalist look, a rustic face or modern sheen,  any aspect can be given to the flooring sitting pretty in your garden & patio areas.

Take a closer look at these 15 amazing garden/ patio floor ideas using wood, different formats of stone, ceramics & even greens, and pick your favorites to take home. Get, set, go!


How about a grid-like patio with a cement base adorned using ceramic & fine stone accents?


To have something like this one, micro-cement is ideal due to its easy adaptability to any design -- special chemical additives allow detailing in different colors & finishes.


Special varnished outdoor wood is an excellent option to give a warm & elegant appearance to the patio.


Using river stone is an original & stylish way to inject the bucolic feel of an artisanal work which combines angularly arranged stones of varying sizes.


Paving stones are an excellent choice for walkways through the garden and patio floor; placing them on an already shaped & leveled floor base is fast & convenient.


Wood and grass form the perfect combination for a palliative design offering a very relaxed natural environment with ample warmth.


Casa Owen, Terra Terra Modern Garden

For simple gardens without much of greens, river stone & slabs of flagstone can be used to create a walkway around a fountain or lead to a seating area meant for relaxing.


If you dig natural stones, stone slabs in a wide variety of sizes & shapes can be combined to form an interesting floor and even an accent wall.


Synthetic grass is a time-saving, practically zero maintenance quick solution for an outdoor floor finish.


Ceramic tiles are a classic; care should be taken to ensure that they are anti-slip textured and weather- resistant.


Creative blend of colors & textures—gray stones in different textures, shades & hardness combined to give the floor a jazzy look.


The special allure & elegance of marble rings in a soft dash of color alongside highlighting the soothing greenery surrounding it.


Delightful rusticity bedecks this ingenious design, wherein pieces of clay have been intentionally placed irregularly with their joints, lending a unique style.


Using big concrete squares in a grid format and gravel, bricks or paving stones to mark the edges/ joints between the squares, a simplistic floor design can be created.


Concrete and vegetation—stretches of regularly pruned grass alternating with thin strips of concrete, that matches the pergola design, can result in a very original floor.

Which of these sassy ideas is going to pimp up your patio?

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