6 things to consider BEFORE buying furniture

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It all seems so easy doesn't it? You need some new pieces of furniture, so you simply measure up, head to the store and buy something you like, no? Well actually, there are more things to think about than that, if you want to enjoy a home that feels well put together and cohesive. We're not just talking about sofas and living rooms though!

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that you need to think long and hard about any and all furniture choices, in order to avoid buying anything that simply won't look perfect, will be too big or won't sit quite right with your wider design aesthetic and we want to help you get it right. Come with us now to discover the things you need to be considering before you buy even a single piece of new furniture. Trust us, these tips will save you a lot of future heartache!

1. Make sure your wall and floor materials are complementary.

Think of furniture items as space fillers for the area that connects your walls to the floor. Essentially, the eye will move seamlessly from one to the next, which is why any pieces of furniture need to work well with not just your walls and wall colors, but also the style of flooring that you've chosen too. There should be a flow that feels consistent, not interrupted, which is why cohesive colors, materials and shapes are vital, particularly in regularly used spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

2. Would built-in furniture be better?

Standalone furniture is great and can be useful for adding proportion to a space and filling empty gaps, but what if your home would be more suited to bespoke carpentry and built-in furniture and storage systems? Modest homes, in particular, are often made far more practical with some helpful and well-crafted furniture items, such as inset shelving or permanent seating. Why not ask an interior designer to give you their professional opinion?

3. Can you use color to create unity?

If you love a healthy dose of bright color throughout your home, your furniture items probably won;t be the exception to the rule, but try to think about how you can use accents to tie entire rooms together. This picture is a perfect example of what we mean, as vibrant chairs have created a far more exciting dining area, which in turn, is intrinsically linked to the kitchen, thanks to the green top cabinets. There's such a fun harmony in place.

4. Draw up a plan to check proportions.

This is SUCH a good idea! Instead of measuring a few things and hoping you got everything right, why not sit down with a cup of coffee and draw up a to-scale plan of how your chosen room, complete with new furniture items, will actually look. A visualization will help you to really understand how transitional spaces can be maintained, what usable room will be leftover. It will also help you to decide whether you should trust your first design ideas or not!

5. Think about furniture height too.

It's all very well focusing on the width and footprint of new furniture items but so many people forget to take into account how tall certain items can be! This becomes a real issue in rooms with low ceiling heights or spaces with existing furniture that will look simply bizarre with anything too out of whack, proportion-wise. Remember that furniture dimensions necessarily include height, or you could end up with an installation that overshadows a room and gives you endless regret!

6. Give thought to clever and multifunctional designs.

Finally, you might have fallen in love with certain styles and designs of furniture, but would it be more prudent to consider items that can be transformed and adapted to meet a multitude of needs? There's no point in cutting your nose off in order to meet a certain aesthetic, so always take your time and properly account for everything you will need to do in a particular space.

For more furniture inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fabulous furniture we want!

Are you feeling a little more prepared when it comes to furniture selection now?

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