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7 beautifully modern houses and their plans

Imativa Arquitectos Modern Houses
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Despite the master craftsmanship of expert architects & thoughtful implementation of exquisite designs, the task of building a new house is oftentimes a challenging one. A tasteful mix of the apt designs, elegant palette, stylish materials, comfy furniture and graceful decor is what makes a home trendy, appealing & functional. So today, we will walk you through 7 stunningly inspirational modern houses in their finished states, alongside their floor & sectional plans. These are roomy, bright & appealingly modish living spaces, that could go a long way in helping you understand just how a house looks good or even guide you in designing your own project.

So if you are contemplating your own dream house but are a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of it all, this homify article is what you need to get started. Have a closer look through these contemporary designs & the blueprints, and supplement your own ideas for building your cozy new pad from scratch!

1. Aspect of chic modernity.

Concrete hogs the limelight in this home, as the open carport next to the entrance adds poise with it's huge black columns on either side.

Sprawling lavishly over 5984 ft², this mansion looks like a voguish suburban palace replete with tropical palms & exterior spotlights. This magnificent home, spread over two storeys, boasts of staggered alcoves, several balconies, jutting out rooms & statement pillars.

Ground floor.

Placement of the columns is integral to the overall design of this dwelling — the columns dictate the size & proportions of each room. Some concept, eh?

Upper floor.

The lucid layout of this top storey clearly conveys the type & position of the rooms as well as how they are connected with their respective closets & bathrooms.

2. Sober, striking and sassy.

With an underlying design concept primarily inspired by the position & trajectory of the sun, this impressive home has high ceilings and large windows. It's remarkable modern design is composed of simple, strong shapes & clear lines.

An expansive pane of glass flanks the east side of the house, allowing plentiful natural light in alongside ample ventilation & great views. The ceiling in this living room measures a staggering 17 feet, amplifying manifolds the feeling of grandeur & luxury.

Lower level.

Connecting all the social areas (living room, dining room & kitchen) together, the ground floor feels fluid and invitingly spacious.

Upper level.

Planta do pavimento superior Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta do pavimento superior

Tony Santos Arquitetura

All three bedrooms along with the home-office are on the upper floor, separated from the remaining home spaces for maximal privacy. Moreover, the two main bedrooms are facing east/north-east to welcome the cheery warmth of the morning sun.

3. Dreamy tropical essence.

Sitting pretty with a finished area of 6190 ft², this one is a beautiful blend of tropical & minimalist styles. This home has a breathtaking structure that is built almost into the hillside it sits on. The design is elegantly integrated with the neighboring trees & the natural shape of the landscape.

Each room of this house is made up from several layers & multiple areas, and has it's own unique vibe & view. This kitchen is just one corner of the abode, wherein the residents can get creative with furnishing/ decor.  

Ground storey.

The symmetry & scale of design of this floor is equally impressive as the number of swimming pools it houses!

First storey.

Employing an existing tree as a major feature of the house adds amply to its singularity. After all, when architecture works in harmony with nature, the result is always better.

4. Cleverly constructed in absolute style.

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort Tony Santos Arquitetura Modern Houses
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Defined by sharp angles, bold shapes & large, flat facades, this one reflects the designer marvel of the architect house. The materials used simplistically augment the visual allure. Quite notably, the carport has been smartly constructed from a horizontal extension passing from one side to the other… ..genius!

Ground floor.

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Most part of the ground floor has an open-plan layout, with the dining room & kitchen joined together.

First floor.

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior) Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior)

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Placing the staircase in the center beautifully serves to tie the unconventional design with split levels & fragmented sections together. Duly noted!

5. Luxurious with subtle flair of rusticity.

Rendered in wood, white concrete & glass, the swish & lofty facade of this posh residence hints at the opulent detailing inside.

This spectacular blue backyard pool is surrounded by rugged stone walls & sleek wooden decking to lend a rustic YET ultra-modish look. Gorgeous, no?

This living room is a real visual treat with wooden wall cladding, vibrant cushions and abstract wall art. 

Rich wooden elements, the fetching wallpaper and plush textiles are the highlights of this commodious, luminous, warm & comfy bedroom.

Clarity of design… check!

The floor plans reveal a very well-thought out architectural design, in line with the latest trends for communal & private home spaces. The interior boasts of a nicely spaced layout for both the floors.

6. Simply amazeballs!

Cream white hues, sleek & simple lines, an elegant wooden door and a small garden copiously accentuate the appeal of this wonderful home's facade, in spite of the slope of the plot.

Abundant glazing opens up almost the whole of the backside to nature & delightful city views.

With engaging glass walls, sophisticated furnishing & soft lighting, this modern living room is ideal for relaxing, connecting with the outdoors and of course, sunbathing!

Picture of absolute rejuvenation—this magical infinity pool with turquoise waters promises refreshing dips as you soak in the amazing city views.

These plans convey the finessed foundations of the smashing home you just had a glimpse of.

7. Uncomplicated, unembellished & ultra-modern.

This seemingly underwhelming facade is actually an ultra-modern exterior concealing classy interiors. 

The rear-side boasts of this nice swimming pool & jazzy patio. Combining basic shapes, smooth concrete finishes & restrained styling, the pool & patio area looks simply stunning. Less is more indeed!

Planned to floor one & all… .

With nearly as much space dedicated to the patio area as the interior, the floor plan clearly conveys the priorities of these homeowners. 

homify tip: Don't shy away from committing space to your choicest activities!

Which of these appealed to you the most? Let us know in the comments section!
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