10 creative examples for dividing small spaces

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With space crunch becoming a real issue, contemporary housing is increasingly focusing on small homes. The houses that we see in the modern times are no bigger than what you need them to be and that is why a lot of experts find it challenging to design them. Many of the home-owners feel that there isn't enough room to do what they want & express their sense of style. But since tiny living is witnessing an upwards trend, what you can accomplish with a small space is no longer what it used to be! Small rooms & homes are a great way to bring down costs while also accommodating all of your needs & wants within a limited space.

A compact home does not always translate into one sans style, practicality & visual appeal. All it takes is a bit of out-of-the-box thinking & tasteful implementation of those ideas… et voilà! Your small AND sassy home is ready to cause some serious home envy to your visitors. Be it employing furniture that maximizes the usable areas, innovative space partitions that offer additional functional spaces or a wall-free room with integrated functionalities, a bit of creativity is always possible to enhance convenience sans a confined feel irrespective of the chosen style.

This homify article offers 10 creative & amazing examples wherein small living spaces have been appealingly divided into different functional areas. These lovely examples will surely inspire you to downsize your home or to make the best of a small situation in your cozy pad. Have a closer look!

1. This white partition wall supports a mini reading area on the hallway side of the generous open-plan space.

2. Custom-made funky bookshelves like this one serve as a practically sound modern partition alongside injecting oodles of character into the room.

3. Modish lounging by the skylight or a comfy nap on the cushy bed—what is it going to be?

4. Ingenious nooks & crannies—this one preserves the structural integrity of the dwelling while utilizing an otherwise empty space through built-in bookcases & a comfortable reading room.

5. Exploiting the vertical air space—a loft bed, a small study, or as shown here with home-office below & sleeping area above..what a concept!

6. How about this original semi-partition to demarcate the bathroom from the bedroom?

7. Vertical wall space is a smashing idea to create your own stylish storage alongside other functional areas, that too without physical partitions!

8. Check out this fetching clear glass wall outlining the snug bedroom from the spacious living room!

9. Utilizing the high ceiling to create a mezzanine gives you a whole extra floor—the ultimate in small space maximization…

10. Combining areas like the kitchen & the dining spaces using multi-functional elements will leave you with a unique design & ample extra space.

Which of these wonderful ideas do you fancy trying out?

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