9 things that you guests will notice right away (And 9 things they probably won't)

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Ever tried to do that quick tidy up minutes before guests visit? You might do a quick whirlwind through your place and then try and convince yourself that no one'll see the minor details. But here are some little details you might have missed.

1. Busy tables and cupboards

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2. Dirty kitchen floors

3. A dirty bath or shower

4. Unwashed towels

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5. A messy dining table

6. Smelly fabrics

7. Rotten food in the fridge

8. Warm drinks

9. An unmade bed

1. Things you won't notice: How long you've used your bedding

2. A big toy collection

HOCKO Nursery/kid's roomToys

3. Books arranged randomly

4. A little dust

5. Marks on the bathroom mirror

6. A bedroom that hasn't been vacuumed

7. Unfinished DIY projects

8. Little quirks in the furniture

9. New furniture that doesn't match

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