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Who doesn't love a good Cinderella story? We all do, but when it comes to ultimate makeovers, we think that home renovations pack a serious punch as they tend to inspire everyone to think more carefully about their own properties and today, we're going to show you how utterly amazing interior designers can be at creating home inspo. 

From a dark and dated traditional home as sprung a beautifully chic, bright and welcoming property that honestly just exudes an incredible sense of positivity in every area. The newly open-plan living and dining room works phenomenally well, the master bedroom feels incredibly soothing and the kitchen has been transformed beyond all recognition, but don't just take our word for it! Come and see what a feat of design genius this home really is! We'll introduce you to each area and then just sit back and let you drink in all the details.

Before: the living room.

What a sad little space! Despite the walls being white, there is a really overbearing sense of darkness in this room and when you add in old fashioned gloss varnished pine furniture, the nightmare is complete! There's just way too much furniture, not enough light and a clear and definite attempt to overshadow the beauty that the parquet flooring could have brought into play. Terrible!

After: the living room.

As if this is the same room! Gone is all the awful furniture and in its place stands a slew of fabulously Scandinavian pieces that not only make the most of all the natural light, but also don't overshadow that GORGEOUS floor! It's hard to believe that the floor was in place the entire time, but with a simpler and less fussy design scheme in place, it really steps forward to be noticed and we have to say that all the yellow accents look amazing. What a fun space! 

Come take a look at some of the other notable parts of this room!

Tucking a small sofa into a wall niche is a stroke of genius and makes great use of the space.

Wall art that picks up on the wider color scheme makes for the ultimate in cohesive design!

This wooden dining table looks perfect for family mealtimes, not to mention homework sessions!

Before: the bedroom.

OUR EYES! What a dated and and depressing excuse for a master bedroom this is! The dark yellow walls, combined with a very ornate dark wood headboard and insanely busy bed linen looks so bad that we almost can't tear our eyes away! How on earth could anyone fall asleep and wake up refreshed in here? And where is all the natural light? 

After: the bedroom.

INCREDIBLE! The transformation here is unquestionably a massive success as what was a 90s nightmare now looks fresh, bright and so restorative! We honestly don't know if we would ever want to leave this spring green and white haven that manages to draw on the Scandinavian influence in the living room, to create a beautifully indulgent yet simple and sweet master bedroom. That wall color has blown us away entirely!

Come and see a few of the other touches that have made this room so gorgeous.

White and natural wood furniture make for simple yet elegant storage solutions.

Simple art adds a touch of class, sophistication and personality.

Before: the kitchen.

This is a kitchen that not only feels claustrophobic, but small to an unusable level! It defies belief that a breakfast bar stool has been included here, as where would you actually sit? Old fashioned colors have really heightened the cloying effect and there's just nothing that really stands out as a stylish design feature!

After: the kitchen.

Well here's how you decorate a small an ineffective kitchen! This transformation is absolutely inspired, as the room looks to have grown by at least a third, but that's all just clever color usage and better light flow! Well, there's also an element of proportional cabinetry as well, which creates the illusion of a wider floor plan and just look at those dramatic tiles! By making the floor something to really admire, all eyes are off the smaller room dimensions. We need this interior designer's number, as their work is a cut above everyone else!

For more home transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and after: 5 house facades that were transformed.

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