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Shelves are always welcome in our homes, not only for the beauty that they add to any wall but also for the functionality that they offer. In this article, we leave you six tips to choose the perfect shelf for your home. 

After deciding which wall you want to install the shelves on, you will need to start thinking about colours and decor. The homify professionals are always one step ahead though! In these pages you can find thousands of tempting ideas and décor ideas. The difficulty will come in choosing the right style for you!

You can use shelves in different areas of your home. The results can be wonderful! Follow the tips in this article so that you end up making the perfect choice!

Choose the position

Don't you love this incredible shelving design by Floret Architecture? It's an inspiring place to start!

These shelves are very trendy and stylish, spread across the wall in front of a beige stone wall. Lighting has been incorporated into the middle section to illuminate the space. A staircase runs parallel to the shelves, giving it even more special charm. You can decorate the shelves with books or ornaments—or even both as is done with this beautiful design. 

White is a great option for shelving, especially if you have a house that is very modern in style. 

And there is nothing better than following the tips and advice from homify to make your home shine even more!

Explore the different types available on the market

There are so many kinds of shelves available on the market—anything you can possibly dream of or desire. Do not be afraid to be a little bit daring or to go for something different or edgy. It will make the world of difference to your home! A shelf can make any corner of your home more memorable, especially if it enhances the furniture that you already own. 

The shelves that you use to display your books or memories are not only good for the home but also in the office. The decorative elements are great, but remember it's also a very functional feature. It can store all your items in a neat and orderly way.

If you're looking for shelving in your office, have a look through these homify office shelving products for inspiration!

Choose the best colour

What is the best colour for shelving? Well that's up to you! There is a whole pallet of colours waiting for you to choose from, you just have to pick the one that you like the most. 

What's important to remember is how your home can be transformed by shelves so if you're arty, creative and crafty, get to work! You can be the own maker of your next shelf.

An artist uses their imagination throughout the house. Don't you love this colourful, arty looking shelf by Ein Mamell? With a bit of creativity, you can achieve the best results. 

So choose your colour and your paint for the shelf without fear! Who knows, you may want more than one colour.

The choice of design and style

Depending on the style of your home, you need to choose a shelf that best suits the overall look and feel. Or you can be daring and do something completely different on the walls of your home. In recent years, pallets have become very fashionable to use as shelving and it seems to be a trend that is here to stay. The recycling and reinvention of this product allows designers to put together some eclectic designs and fantastic ideas.

The shelves allow us to exhibit our décor. For example the shelf in this photograph says, Design your time. Don't you just love it? It allows you to really re-imagine one of the walls in a home!

Read these other: Cool Wall Ideas For Contemporary Homes.

Size and measurement

Before you start drilling holes in the wall, make sure that you are completely sure about where you want to put the shelves. And before you buy the shelf, measure the wall where you want to place it. You don't want any unpleasant surprises or to have a wall with more holes in it than necessary! 

Always hold the shelf up against the wall to test the size. Move the shelf a little bit left and a little bit right to ensure that you have it just right. 

This type of design in the photograph is fantastic—a real country style. The shelf supports a whole lot of great pieces that brings a warm and homely feeling to the kitchen, reminding us of our grandparents. In winter, you can sit around the fireplace and talk about your childhood and the good old days.

Installation and decorating

Now that you have chosen the wall and put your shelf up, what's next? Again, your good taste! Decorate the shelves so that it works with the interior design of your home. Or you can use unique and decorative items that add a very eclectic look and feel to the space. The choice is always yours! 

In this example, by Viterbo Interior Design, the owners of the house have chosen to decorate everything in earthy tones in a style that is reminiscent of the East. This is a very peaceful space. There is nothing better than being able to relax while feeling like you are surrounded by nature. 

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