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This homify article offers a sneak peek into the modish world of apartments. With a huge variety of types & styles of interior design, contemporary apartments offer a multitude of options to have one’s choicest sanctum of jazzy repose. From modern duplex apartments to a small studio, a compact loft with integrated environments to a plush one with spacious terraces, plenty of architectural designs are available to suit our varying tastes & budgets.

In this homify story, you will get a glimpse into different living spaces of an apartment, that will dish out a lot of information relevant to design, decoration, remodeling, and even sale-purchase of an apartment. Of course, there will be loads of inspiring ideas to take home and add more personality to your own spaces. Join us as we take a visual tour and make the most of the design buffet lavished by the architects, so as to inject that extra bit of practical poise that will make our home spaces full of style & comfort, exactly as desired. Get, set, go!

Why go for an apartment?

Appartement Paris, Meero Meero Living room

Choosing to live in an apartment, rather than a bungalow, has its own advantages. With a comparatively much lesser investment, one could have a comfortable dwelling with ample functionality. Also, it is far safer to lock one's apartment & be away for a couple of days, without having to worry about its security. It is an ideal choice befitting modern day urban life. Moreover, apartment is a wonderful investment since at the time of resale, its demand & the chances of a profit will be more than that of a conventional bungalow.

The worth of square meters.

One of the key aspects that influence the sale of an apartment is the value of the square meter. This in turn depends on factors like whether the apartment is brand new or previously inhabited, the number of functional spaces, their orientation (front, back, central), the neighborhood/ area, and so on. It is important to remember that the area occupied by outdoor spaces like terraces & balconies is also significant, but less so when it comes to making the total area calculation.

Can you trust the builders?

It is always advisable to purchase home from known & trusted companies. A good idea is to first ensure that the construction company & other involved parties can be trusted on ethics and solvency. This is a wise thing to do in case of both- finished as well as under construction residential projects. A comparison of several builder projects can help arrive at a good decision for the right apartment.

The most appropriate home-loan.

When looking to ask for a home-loan, it is very important to make sure that the chosen source- be it a bank or any other agency- has no hidden agenda, nor any past record of transforming into a loan shark. Weighing all the pros & cons, the best suited decision should be made.

Mind the legal angle.

Mieszkanie w kamienicy, SAS SAS Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs

It is very important to know the national, provincial and municipal laws and ordinances, as well as the taxes that one must pay as the owner of an apartment. Following the purchase, it is advisable to seek the services of a notary or trusted lawyer to guide properly in these matters. The regulations & other ordinances can be found online; you can also ask the building administration for a copy, if they have this information available.

Tasteful interiors- new, used or recycled?

A common dilemma worth reflecting upon is the degree of revamp of the interiors of your newly acquired apartment. Based on your affinity towards history, urbane character, recycled or a classic essence, the decor can be so accomplished. A good idea is to retain the historical character while doing away with the decorative knick-knacks of the previous owners, when looking to give your heritage building home a personal touch. 

Another important thing is to get the maintenance done for wiring and pipes, prior to moving into a previously inhabited apartment. Many a times, old buildings use time-tested materials & could have much stronger constructions than the new ones; in such a scenario, upkeep becomes cheaper.

Renting or buying—take your pick.

When you consider living in an apartment, you may be confused between the idea of renting and buying. It is obvious that if we do not have the capital for the purchase, we will have to rent. Many of us prefer to invest in a rented apartment as it involves fewer home-related responsibilities in the long run. On the other hand, having our own apartment saves us the hassle of the fixed monthly expenditure that takes away a major chunk of our income. 

One's own apartment is always an asset that could be sold if the need arises, while a rented one may at times feel like a monetary loss.

Convey a bit of you in the decoration!

Though doing up our interiors ourselves is the most economical, the truth is that despite the hefty fees paid to the professionals, they can help us save money in materials & furniture. 

Moreover, it is important that the place where we live has a bit of our essence, otherwise it will be an impersonal space in which we could hardly feel comfortable. Other practical things we need to decide upon are whether we want independent or integrated spaces,  which style- Scandinavian, modern, industrial, classic, rustic, etc.- we wish to employ to bedeck the apartment, and the color palette. These things are crucial to lend your cozy spaces YOUR stylish imprint.

Services & expenses -- an advantage.

When compared to a house (villa or bungalow), an apartment can mean additional expenses, but at the same time those expenses that we incur every month guarantee that if our apartment suffers damages due to water seepage/ any natural calamity, those damages will be compensated for sure. Also, the cost of services in an apartment is usually a little lower than that in a bigger house; owing to the comparative size & characteristics of an apartment, we can save on water, gas or electricity.

What would you like- Duplex or Triplex?

A two-storey apartment is called a Duplex and one with three storeys is a Triplex. They are quite popular among those who wish to have a clear division between communal & private environments. With social rooms like the living room, dining area & media room on one level and bedrooms on the next upper level, a greater privacy can be ensured. The uppermost storey in a Triplex could be utilized for having an open terrace with a gourmet kitchen—a wonderful additional space for family get-togethers. 

The staircases linking the different floors also offer interesting possibilities such as using the space below them for a small home-office/ mini bar; or you could simply decorate the stairs with lighting/ wall art to make the stairway area stand out.

An affordable hybrid home? Yes please!

If you are torn between an apartment or a bungalow style house,  the Argentinian concept of a PH (Propiedad Horizontal) is ideal for you. Also called a house-type apartment, this perfect hybrid is created when the old houses are divided to form groups of small apartments. They have unique architectural possibilities, usually come with some type of internal patio/ terrace, and maintain the original aesthetic detailing. The costs in PHs are still lower than those for an apartment and are quoted clearly in the market due to high demand.

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