Bringing spring into your home!

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Spring is just around the corner! Doesn't it conjure up images of colour, beauty, happiness and cool sunshine? Spring has a cultural connect too. It has a major role to play in agriculture and hence its importance in different cultures across India. From north to south and east to west, spring is welcomed with different festivals celebrated all over the country. Why not bring some spring joy right into your home and celebrate this lovely time of the year through home interiors too? This a good reason for home makeover, be it a tiny addition of flowers on the table or a bigger, change that was long due! Here are some tips on adding a little bit of spring flavour to your home!

Think about what you can plant now on your balcony: Aromatic plant!

Perfect weather allows plants to thrive during spring. Plant the saplings in the balcony of some aromatic varieties like lavender, mint, scented geranium and the very popular rose.They will be  ready just in time to welcome spring with the most beautiful fragrances. Balcony visits will be guaranteed to be full of colour and pleasant smells. Don't be surprised to find new visitors in the form of butterflies, bees and birds right outside your living room!

Still February, true: but the Hyacinth is blossoming!

Hyacinth is one of the most popular flowers for indoors. This variety of bulb easily blooms just when winter is ending and its the beginning of the beautiful spring season. Available in gorgeous bright colours that give out fragrant scents, these are perfect choices when you want to get rid of some winter blues and need refreshing flower views. Get ready for lovely spring with some spring teaser help from Hyacinths.

Buy new curtains and forget the Black & White style!

Its spring time and there must be no place for black and white anything in the house. Changing curtains can drastically change the look and feel of the room. It does not require any structural changes, so easy to implement and can be updated when needed. Bring in bright vibrant hues in the house with new curtains. There are unlimited design options, from regular panel curtains to blinds and roller curtains!

Take a look at some curtain options that ensure elegant decor and privacy at the same time.

Clean up the storage spaces in your kitchen..maybe there will be space for something new!

Kitchen planning for microwave storage homify KitchenStorage

Kitchen planning for microwave storage


Its a good time to scan through your kitchen for what you need and what you don't need anymore. Go through the kitchen drawers and cabinets and clean up the storage spaces. Once you have extra space, maybe there will be space for something  new! New set of colourful soup bowls or a new ceramic cooking range that you were desiring for a long time! Spring is a good reason to shop.

Give an update to your old flooring

So there was something that you always wanted to do to the flooring. The colour was no longer right or there were some tiles that were coming off or you simply wanted a makeover but didn't find the right excuse to do it. Now is the perfect time! Spring can be a great celebration, so might as well refurbish and replenish things for the interiors to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and warm. 

Paint the walls in your bedroom

After the dull long winters, spring ought to be full of vibrant hues. Get the bedroom walls painted in the latest colours and textures. Wall art is an awesome way to decorate the bedroom walls with elegance and style. Think pastels, think vivid, think all colours spring! From lovely lavender and pinks to flower murals on the walls, there could not have been a better time to redecorate the bedroom walls.

Weather conditions have profound effect on everything around us including our own state of mind. The refreshing sunshine, ideal temperatures and blooming vegetation; all affect us positively. Allow this positivity to reflect in your home interiors through a touch of colours, textures and decor. Spring is the ideal time and reason for renovating and redecorating your sweet home, so go ahead and welcome the season in full spirit.

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