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SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue
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Ask any respected interior designer and they'll tell you that color psychology is a very real thing and is being used throughout homes these days to incredible effect. That's pretty much all the confirmation we need, but looking a little deeper into the theory and potential benefits of selecting more restorative and calming colors for your home, we can really see that this is something to experiment with and try! 

It makes perfect sense to try and choose calming colors for your bedroom, but softer, more natural hues can work well in absolutely every room of every home, so come with us now and discover which hues are thought to be the most effective. We think you might be pleasantly surprised by a few of them and we have some room-specific suggestions for you to take on-board as well!

Beige for the living room.

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Your living room will see regular use and a lot of traffic, which is why you want to try and select a color that you won't get bored with too quickly. With this in mind, a soft and neutral hue is a good bet and if you want to create a calm and soothing vibe, there's no neutral better than a cool beige.

Easy to accessorize and so understated, beige creates an instantly warm, soft and pleasing aesthetic. You'll struggle to feel stressed as you lounge on your sofa and gaze at a perfectly neutral and pared back wall. As an added bonus, you could add some color pop cushions that further support the relaxing vibe, such as blue or spring green!

Relaxing gray.

Do you know which room is always difficult to decorate for no obvious reason? Your bathroom! It makes such good sense to try and instill a calming and spa-like vibe in your bathroom but how can you do that with color, if you don't want to plump for the normal white? The answer is by choosing gray!

Gray is a color that is being heralded as a new neutral, in that it can be easily brightened up or left understated, depending on how you accessorize a space, but we think you'll love the idea of a concrete gray bathroom. Tapping into the popular industrial chic aesthetic, gray is cool, soothing and naturally grounding, which is everything we want to be surrounded with as we lie back in a bath.

Tranquil lavender vibes.

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In order to guarantee good and restful sleep, you need a peaceful color scheme to be present in your bedroom and one of the best hues, according to interior designers, is a soft lavender. Plucked directly from nature, the pretty pastel purple really works wonders for creating a romantic and relaxing vibe, but we think that there might be a little psychosomatic element to take into account as well.

Color therapy says that a pastel purple will help to relax a person and make them feel secure and cozy, but more than that, lavender, as in the flower, is known to be used as a soothing holistic tincture.If you're suffering from insomnia, lavender is always suggested as a natural cure, so perhaps coloring your walls or bed linen to match will really heighten the effect.

Blue is chief amongst the soothing colors.

SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance - Bedroom LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue

Color psychology is absolutely fascinating! Just the very notion that certain hues can elicit different emotions, moods or vibes is incredible and when we discovered that blue is widely recognized as being THE most naturally calming color, we have to admit that we nodded our heads in a sage manner. It makes perfect sense, really.

A piquant neutral, blue hues are always reminiscent of the sky and sea, which are both naturally calming and soothing parts of nature, so it's barely a stretch to use them in a bedroom or even a bathroom. You could even be a little more daring and choose a dark blue tone, as the revitalizing element won't diminish just because you seek out more depth of color.

Pink paint is perfection.

Stress reducing colors and fantastic as they are a holistic and unfussy way to get your mind enjoying a more positive outlook, instantly.Having looked at which colors are thought to be the most mood enhancing and happy, pink came out on top and has done for an extended period of time now. 

We know that we've been mostly focusing on interior design elements so far, but let's not overlook the impact that the right colors can have on the facade of your home as well. Here, we think that the pretty pink finish makes for not only a fun and different look, but also a strikingly positive house that would be a joy to return to at the end of a long day. Could you ever really feel stressed in a home that looks like this? 

Gorgeous green is a great mood color.

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Finally, if you haven't spotted a positive hue that you could imagine yourself using in your home, maybe spring green will be the magic solution for you! Derived from nature, there is a natural propensity to feel revived, refreshed and calmed by every variety of green, from vivid lime through to soft forest. There isn't a single room that wouldn't look phenomenal, finished in green, but for a really positive and uplifting effect, we think that a home office or bedroom would work incredibly well.

For some extra color inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 great color palettes: surprising bedroom neutrals.

Which of these colors has tempted you to take the plunge with a little color therapy?

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