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Is there anything better than one home having a cacophony of amazing ideas and inspiration that you can easily copy? We don't think so, which is why we are SO excited to show you this project today! Clearly the result of a phenomenally creative interior designer's brain, this spectacularly contemporary and luxurious home offers up a veritable smorgasbord of divine design ideas, so come with us now if you are in a style rut or in desperate need of some beautiful inspiration!

Fully integrated spaces.

Let's start with a little layout inspiration! Choosing to embrace a more open-plan vibe will really maximize the area you have to play with, as well as offering up a more modern and unconstrained aesthetic. Large furniture is easier to house too.

Bright finishes everywhere.

We're not saying that we don't love a bold color pop every now and then, but you REALLY can't go wrong with a lot of white and bright neutral hues. Just look at the way an all-white scheme has made the lighting shine here!

A simple kitchen.

When it comes to kitchens, we love a more simplistic approach. never forget that this is meant to be a very practical room, so you can afford to pare things back, decorating-wise, to focus on the functionality. By all means, invest in a luxury material though, such as a marble breakfast bar, as that will never date.

Intimate dining facilities.

Spin around in this kitchen and you see our perfect dining room set-up! Choosing a small and intimate table helps to create a real sense of family cohesion, which is vital. Plus, a natural wood table always feels so homey and refined.

A sunny relaxation spot.

Homes that don't seek to add a little style and pizazz to the outside spaces are really missing a trick and here, you can see that you don't need a huge area to work with! A comfortable seating option, a handy table and a fabulous rug is all you need to add a valuable extra gathering zone to your home.

Plenty of plants, inside.

PLANTS! We didn't mean to shout that at you, but we wanted to make sure that you really got the message. Including a good amount of plants in your home will give it such oomph, not to mention cleaner air! When in doubt, get some more plants out!

An unfussy guest bathroom.

Guest bathrooms don't need to be chock-full of toiletries and accessories, especially when you think that they will often go unused for an extended period of time! Keep things fresh, simple and understated and you'll never be in a panic if unexpected guests arrive. 

Neutral colors in the master bedroom.

Color is fun, but if you want to tap into a truly restful bedroom aesthetic, neutral hues are the way to go. You can always mix things up with some fabulous bed linen, but for a day-to-day calm and restorative environment, neutral tones really are the best bet.

Making every corner count.

We're staying in the master bedroom for an extra tip here! We love the inclusion of a small but handy sofa in the corner of the room, as it offers up extra functionality for the room. Essentially, if you have room for something, why not treat yourself and corners are so often undervalued that you'll stand out by putting them to better use. 

Plenty of storage in the bathroom.

In the family bathroom, storage really is key. When you think about how many toiletries and cosmetics everyone owns, you'll realize that you don't want them all out on display, so wall cabinets and vanity drawers are a really good investment. 

Choosing modern suite items.

Staying with the bathroom, why not think about choosing more contemporary versions of classic suite items? Ergonomic bathtubs, sleek sinks and wall-mounted toilets are all a great way to add a little extra style in a frequently overlooked room, without breaking the bank.

Making the entrance unforgettable.

Your home's entrance is the space that makes a first impression on guests, so don't you want to go all out and make it something to really remember? Eye-catching furniture and statement flooring are great ways to create a hallway that is impossible to forget and will set the tone for a fabulous wider home.

Installing feature lighting.

Finally, statement lighting is nothing short of a brilliant investment! The right light fixture can instantly revamp a dull space and create the perfect ambience for any occasion. For more intimate areas, be sure to consider dimming options!

For more brilliant decorating tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Kitchens: 11 kitchen ideas to copy!

Which of these ideas are you keen to try out in your home?

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