A contemporary villa that feels like an oasis

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Benessere nel verde con armonia. Una villa contemporanea, concepita come una Spa., Studio d'Architettura MIRKO VARISCHI Studio d'Architettura MIRKO VARISCHI Modern Garden
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We see a lot of contemporary homes that are clearly the products of imaginative architect brains, but the one we want to showcase today is something else! Featuring all of the sleek lines, material diversity and luxury interior finishes that you'd expect from a modern dwelling, there are just a few extra touches that have tipped this property over the edge into the realms of incredible. From a striking pool through to brave interior color choices, you're going to love everything about this project, so be prepared for some serious home envy!

What a sight!

You certainly can't get away from the fact that this is a good looking house, with a very contemporary edge, can you? A single-story build with dramatic contrasting modules, it makes a very big impression!

Striking lines.

Just look at the lines of this house! Sleek white render meets a soft gray fascia and with simple alcove pockets, there is a very minimal vibe going on.It could either be a terrifically retro or even spectacularly modern home. We love that it keeps us guessing.

Gorgeous gardens.

No home is complete without gorgeous grounds and here, every care has been taken to install a modern and unfussy garden that really complements the style of the building. Little pops of piquant color help to add life to the plain facade and really lift the whole exterior.

A splash of luxury.

We told you that there was a pool to die for at this home and here's the proof! So simple and elegant, it works incredibly well just by being set into luscious green grass and surrounded with a smooth white terrace. Can we take a second to lust after those retro chairs too?

Shapely elements.

The pool already looked beautiful enough, but when you pan out and see just how unusual the construction is and the amazing shapes in play, it really blows your mind, doesn't it? The angles really add to the overall contemporary feel and create a terrific focal point in the garden too.

Fresh and modern.

We were half wondering if the interior was going to be full of surprises, such as a rustic design scheme, but the modern aesthetic is alive and well! Choosing to install low furniture was a stroke of genius in this living room, as it really amplifies the enviable ceiling height that comes from a single-storey build.

Nods to the past.

Just as the facade can elicit retro vibes, so too do some of the interior furniture choices, such as this chic recliner that has a demonstrably Danish flavor. We don't think that 60s furniture can ever look bad, but this black leather example is utterly fabulous.

Monochrome splendour.

With the outside of the house being such a soft and muted combination of gray, white and natural stone, we love the slightly bolder decision to include a lot of black on the inside. It really adds an edge to the whole look and maintains a firm grasp on the contemporary aesthetic.

A seriously hot fireplace.

Don't you just love the newly emerging trend for installing a large fireplace as an open-plan home divide? Offering not just a practical application, they help to separate different areas within the house, without looking as solid and unmoving as a standard wall. This black example is really getting us hot under the collar!

Sophisticated kitchen cabinets.

You might have thought that with most of the interior being monochromatic that the kitchen would have strayed from the scheme and added in some more color, but no! What we have here is a marvellous modern installation that seeks to showcase sleek handleless cabinets in gleaming white and we love it! The dark wood floor really adds a touch of class too.

Simple splendour.

Master bedrooms are notoriously hard to get right but this one is so understated and seemingly simple that it is perfect. Unfussy decor and a focus on comfort has lead to a truly incredible design being brought into realization and we think it looks so restful.

A home wellness center.

Finally, how's this for a really luxurious addition that tips the balance? While a fabulous bathroom, including a spa bath, might not be groundbreaking, the adjoining home gym and fitness center really is! This is a home that has been designed with not only a specific aesthetic in mind, but also a slew of functionalities as well and it rises to every challenge! 

For more contemporary home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A Zen modern home.

What would you add to make this your ultimate dream home?

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