​7 elements you MUST have in your kitchen

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A coffee machine; a dishwasher; brightly coloured cloths hanging in a neat row next to your sink… we all have that certain something that we need in our kitchens, and this differs from person to person (and household to household).

However, regardless of which style or size or design your kitchen and household is, there are a few elements (7, to be precise) that each and every kitchen needs. And we list them right here…

1. An aroma grater to turn anything from ginger and lemon to garlic and wasabi into perfect purees.

2. A bread box to help keep those baked goods fresher for longer. Plus it just looks so official!

3. A butter dish, because serving it out of the plastic container is just so ordinary.

4. A stylish pepper grinder, as there’s something unique about grinding your own pepper over a delicious dish.

5. A juicer, because sometimes you just need freshly squeezed juice for a recipe.

6. A mortar and pestle, as this is the one piece which has been used in kitchens for centuries.

​7. A nice apron, as it’s both stylish and practical. It shows you’re serious about whipping up tasty cuisine in the heart of your home.

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