Is it over for kitchen islands? 5 amazing alternatives to copy!

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Selecting the architectural design, furniture, furnishings & decor is something that every home-owner has experienced at one time or the other. When presented with options for selecting the kitchen layout, most home-owners go for a kitchen island above everything else. Kitchen islands are great if your kitchen has ample room. Further, these are advantageous as they create extra space for work & storage in addition to a place for family & friends to hang out in the kitchen while being out of the cook’s way. 

However, in keeping with the increasing paucity of space and consequent evolution of contemporary housing, small homes (and therefore, small kitchens) are becoming more like a norm. It follows that every possible nook in each living space is being explored by home professionals, and the kitchen is no exception. In line with this, better suited alternatives (than kitchen islands) are making their way into compact kitchens, befitting the kitchen design. Be it a peninsula with one end attached to the wall & 3 sides free, a breakfast bar in a U-shaped kitchen, a countertop with a tiny meal corner, a simple small platform for a table, or a pop-up solution, multipurpose options are available to take over successfully from the good old kitchen island.

Come with us as we take you on a homify tour around 5 such practical alternatives, & pick your favorites!

L-shaped poise with an organic front—this integrated breakfast bar maintains the clean lines & finesse of the granite top, adding convenient worktop space as well.

As a dining table, a temporary storage platform between cooking & eating areas, or as a worktop, metallic sheen of the peninsula adorns the functionality of this built-in kitchen.

Wall-mounted originality for extra utility in limited space—wrapping a portion of the worktop around the corner to create breakfast bar sans hogging any actual kitchen space!

Handy U-shaped zing offers more work area AND added dining space, with a snug & enclosed feel for the entire kitchen.

Pop-up woody usefulness tastefully fills up narrow space—grab a quick snack, enjoy a hot cuppa with the loved ones or simply place kitchen items on it, as you please!

Are you already contemplating a layout revamp for your kitchen?

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