10 ideas for extra storage at home

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Be it some concealed shelving in the living room or versatile furniture that doubles up as shoe cabinet,  some extra storage is a huge blessing, particularly in small homes that are becoming more of a norm these days. The key to any home being functionally sound is the availability of decent storage, and design experts always emphasize on practical organization in the interior as well as outdoor spaces. In line with the style you prefer in your snug pad, every room of your home needs a lot of storage to tackle the clutter that every family naturally creates.

Tapping a little on the creative side & thoughtfully customizing those ideas as per the available space, ingenious storage ideas can be got that will make our lives a lot easier, without compromising our neat, tasteful & ordered aesthetic. And if our brainstorm can lead to some added space for our ever- increasing pile of belongings, then it is definitely a manna from heaven, isn’t it?

This homify article offers you 10 amazing ideas to have some extra storage at home, that will definitely inspire you to copy and go a long way in helping you have the stylishly tidy & organized home that you've always dreamed of. Have a look!

Space under the stairs—chic convenience makes a visual ​statement of innovative design.

Pop-up shelves above sofa—simple, weightless, easy to clean, unusually breezy and graceful.

Wooden crates under sofa & simple shelves overhead—visually open & appealingly utilitarian.

Built-in with multifunctional furniture—handy modern design with a personal touch & hidden organization.

Dapper variety hidden behind sleek doors—versatile closet with a neat aspect & the flair of ingenuity.

Wall-mounted baskets—interesting solution for toys, laundry & sundry items, full of fun industrial hints.

Space above the TV—floating shelves simply amp up the storage potential as well as the visual sass!

The air space above the kitchen island—a convenient home for utensils, that elegantly frees up cabinet space.

Bespoke drawer divides in the bathroom—aesthetic smartness for prim organization of accessories.

Bath-side storage—this dual function bathtub here is simply clever, sleek and copiously handy!

Which of these suit your home storage needs the best?

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