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Have you ever noticed that every house has a smell? Its a result of many factors like the kind of food that's cooked, the cleaning agents used, the level of hygiene maintained and a lot of times the presence of pets in the house. Though in most cases, proper ventilation and frequent cleaning is good enough for making the house odor free, sometimes bad air due to a spill or house being closed when you were out on a vacation or even the weather can be a real put off for residents and an embarrassing situation when guests come visiting. So get rid of bad air from your home forever with these simple tips!

Grow more plants

Plants are a great way to keep away bad odors. Some variety are known to clean up the indoor air hence highly recommended. Look up the plant species that are most suitable for the local climate and add them to your interior design for natural air purifying properties. Make sure the plants are well tended to, else dead plants will add to the bad air causing more harm.Incorporate indoor plants as a way to decorate your home.

Check humidity & temperature

Humidity and temperature controls are needed in places with extreme climates. So a dry winter month needs both heating as well as humidity in the home. However wrong humidity and temperature settings are often the culprits for bad air in the house. High humidity controls often go unchecked until people start feeling uncomfortable, but it already affects the air inside when being used for long duration as it can cause dampness indoors. Set the right numbers in order to nip the problem in the bud.

Avoid bad smells

Bad smells originate from our daily activities around the house. Stale food, bathrooms that need cleaning, laundry bag full of dirty clothes or garbage bins that were forgotten to be emptied in the garbage chute; all these and many more things lead to bad air. Avoid creating an environment that emanates bad odors by getting rid of odor emanating stuff. Basic hygiene and discipline go a long way in ensuring that the problem does not go out of hand.

Install a ventilator

Ventilators are great for air circulation. In an unfortunate event of a minor fire in the house or even just a burnt cake situation in the oven, smoke and smells can be easily gotten rid of by opening up all windows and ventilators. Ventilators especially due to their height are excellent for removing damp air and poisonous smoke in such incidences. Allow ventilator design to be incorporated in your house plan whenever you do and you won't repent it.

Proper ventilation

Fresh air is a great way to get rid of bad smells. Ensure that the windows and doors allow cross ventilation and circulation of air in all rooms including bathrooms and toilets. In case of a gas leakage in the kitchen or burnt food incident, open up the shutters for fresh air to come in and negate the bad odors. Proper ventilation is good for health too so make sure that you incorporate the same in your room plan. 

Check if there is mould

Mold infestation is common in certain climates and is sadly another reason for bad smells in the house. Check for mold formation in all areas that are prone to moisture. So drain pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms, area under wash basins and bath tubs or even the walls and ceilings if there is a possibility of water seepage; are all such places that need to be checked for mold. The bathroom especially is most likely to have mold issues, so take extra precaution in identification and getting rid of the problem.

Follow these tips to avoid moisture in bathrooms that will help in curtailing bad smells indoors.

Clean and hygienic spaces do not smell, so following a strict cleaning schedule is a must for every house, both for the longevity of the property as well as for the health of its residents. Bad smells originating due to this or any accidents can be harmful as they can cause allergies to the sensitive few. When faced with an indoor odor challenge, do not panic and simply follow these tips to get rid of bad air from your house forever.

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